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5 Veggie Foil Packs Your Grill Can't Live Without

5 Veggie Foil Packs Your Grill Can't Live Without
These veggie foil packs for your grill make summer easy, just like it's supposed to be.
By Guest Blogger

Don't sweat the vegetable side dish for dinner tonight – it's grillable too!

Nothing says summer like firing up the grill and cooking tasty food over an open flame. While most folks think of the old standbys – hot dogs, burgers, steaks and brats – you definitely don't want to forget the veg.

Luckily, with some Green Giant frozen vegetables and a handful of ingredients, you're just a foil pack away from easy, delicious veggies for your next backyard barbecue!


1. Lemon Parmesan Foil-Pack Broccoli

Cooking broccoli on the grill is incredibly easy, and simply adding a bit of lemon juice and Parmesan cheese gives the broccoli a ton of flavor. Plus, you can make it even easier by using frozen broccoli – just as delicious, and super simple. 

All you need for the rest of the foil-pack ideas below is: 

  • 14x18-inch piece of heavy duty foil
  • Cooking spray
  • Frozen vegetable of choice
  • A grill

Here’s what you do: Spray foil with cooking spray and fill foil with your chosen vegetable. Fold the foil closed around your vegetables. Put the foil pack on the grill for 25-35 minutes (or until heated through) and you have yourself a mound of gloriously tasty vegetables!

For even speedier grilling, do one or all of these things:

  • Split the vegetables into two foil packs
  • Start veggie pack on direct heat; move to indirect heat after 10 minutes
  • Let frozen vegetable pack partially thaw on counter or in microwave while prepping other food

The best part about these foil-pack ideas is that you can add almost anything you want – they're so versatile and easy. Here are a few more ways to pack a wallop of flavor in your foil packs.


2. Tuscan Seasoned Foil-Pack Broccoli

BYOV (Bring your own veggie) to the potluck – it’s as easy as bringing a bag of Green Giant Steamers Tuscan Seasoned Broccoli (with Parmesan cheese and Tuscan-inspired seasoning). Add to foil, put on the grill, and voila: Grilled Italy!


3. Cracked Pepper Foil-Pack Brussels Sprouts

Always wanted to try Brussels sprouts on the grill, but didn’t know how? Put Green Giant Steamers Brussels Sprouts with Sea Salt and Cracked Pepper in your foil pack and you’ll never need to know more. Top with Parmesan cheese and you’ll be the hero of the BBQ potluck.


4. Garden Vegetable Medley Foil-Pack

You don’t have need a garden for this one. Green Giant Steamers Garden Vegetable Medley (with sugar snap peas, roasted potatoes, red peppers and garden herbs) will do the trick.


5. Parmesan Asiago Risotto Foil-Pack with Vegetables 

This one tastes as fancy as it sounds. Use Green Giant Steamers Brown Rice Risotto with Carrots, Peas, Onions and Kale in a Parmesan Asiago Sauce for an easy side dish that will impress your friends.

See how easy it is? So grab some veggies, some foil and get grillin'!