6 Ways to Bake with Soda Pop

Created March 3, 2017
Just like great cooks use wine in their best recipes, awesome bakers have soda pop as their secret weapon! MORE+ LESS-

You know you can't go a whole 24 hours without an ice-cold glass of your favorite fizzy soda. So, why not use that fizzy fun in yummy treats, too?

From cakes to biscuits to pie, here are six effervescent recipes that'll have you pouring your soda into a mixing bowl, and not just down your throat. (Though, of course, you can totally sneak a few sips here and there. Because….yum….it’s soda pop!)

So come along and make some of our soda-pop baking faves!

1. Sprite Biscuits

You know when you get a hankerin' for fried chicken, so you toss your body in the car and head down to the fried chicken joint at the corner of Umpteenth Avenue? You order a meal deal. You get your chicken. Some mashed potatoes. And then….you also get those biscuits. Those tender, flaky biscuits with butter soaked into every ounce of the exterior.

Yeah, so...make these melt-in-your-mouth biscuits, and you won't have to toss your body into the car!


Here's your ingredient line-up for these biscuits. Four things. Four thangs!! That's it. Let's call it a day and start baking.


To get these things in your boca fast, just mix the biscuits, sour cream, and Sprite together until a soft dough forms. Sprinkle a little Bisquick on a clean cutting board and get ready to knead.


Cut the biscuits. Stick 'em in butta. Bake them until they look sun kissed.


And that, darling you, is what we call dinner. Or at least the perfect side dish. But if you wanna eat em as your dinner, we won’t judge. We’ll be right there with ya.


More Recipes with Soda Pop

If you liked that recipe, then you’ll love these awesome ones too, from our friends over at Coca-Cola.

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2. Coca-Cola Cake

This Coca-Cola cake is a moist, rich fudgy chocolate creation. Perfectly sweet and totally tender. It's so good, you may just bump your granny's favorite recipe to number two. But, she'll forgive you when she tastes this cake made with Coke.


3. Coca-Cola Doughnuts

Listen up, folks. We're gonna whisper a big ol' secret to you. Come closer….come closer….okay. Doughnuts are the next big thing. Got it? We're letting you in on a trend here. Doughnuts (especially --oh,cute!-- mini ones) are about to be hot, hot, hot again. So grab a whisk and add some Coke and start baking. Just look at 'em! Who could resist?


4. Light Lime Cheesecake

Light, fluffy, and vibrantly flavored, this Lime Cheesecake uses fizzy soda to create an incredibly memorable, crave-worthy flavor. Think of it as the little, bikini'ed cheesecake riding a cruiser bike on a SoCal beach. This one would be riding a lime green cruiser and sipping soda through a swirly straw.


5. Fresh Banana Cake

(Photo credit: Sarah Catherine Golden)

Banana Cake may be the most underrated dessert of all time. But if you want to get people talking, serve them this banana cake and prepare yourself to be showered in compliments. (Speaking of being showered, this would be the perfect shower cake!)


6. Virginia Peanut Pie

Um, hello. This pie is like a frickin' candy bar. In a pie. With tons of peanuts. And caramel all slathered around-abouts. As you can see, we're running thin on words to describe this pie. Oh yes, and it haveth a Coca Cola reduction sauce. Meow. The end.


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