7 New Ways to Taste Your Old Faves

By TBSP Susan
Created March 14, 2017
Summer's at its high point, so eats and treats should be at their easy peak. Try some of these newbies to make your day sweeter and your to-do list lighter. MORE+ LESS-

You'll recognize this stuff -- but they've got new flavors, and we've got fun new ways to use 'em!


1. Fun with Fruit Snacks

The movie hit of the summer is here -- and it's popping up on fruit snacks, too!

Kiddo hit: Use Fruit Roll-Ups to make these adorable Despicable Me Minions! (Click for recipe.)


2. Easy Peasy Parmesan Pasta

We know you're not a kitchen chicken. But there's no harm in making chicken dinner the easy way. This easy pasta meal lets you steal some summer sanity and still get dinner on the table on time.

Fun serving idea: Place hot Creamy Parmesan pasta into individual ramekin dishes and dust the tops with breadcrumbs. Watch carefully under the broiler for a few seconds until golden brown, then serve 'em up right away!


3. Crunch 'n Munch

This cereal is a great add-on to any sweet treat (in addition to being a great nom in your bowl). Try it in this super easy Microwave Butterscotch Chex Crispies recipe!

No-bake fruity treats: Make these fruity snacks easily by dipping strawberries in yogurt and crushed Vanilla Chex cereal. Great appetizer idea or after-school muncharoo!


4. Chocolate Crunch for Your Ice Cream

Chocolate for breakfast? Comin' through -- get outta my way! Fiber One's new 80 Calorie Chocolate cereal is my idea of a good time. Oh, but it's good for so much more than just a chocolaty bowl of yum in the a.m.

Super easy dessert ideas: Try it in this Microwave S'mores recipe, or make this salted-caramel chocolate-crunch ice cream dessert by sprinkling Fiber One Chocolate cereal over rich vanilla bean ice cream. Top with caramel and sea salt and...voila!


5. Snackin' and Easy Packin' Bars

The go-to green box of Nature Valley granola bars is my kids' fave -- but check out these new flavors, too, including Soft-Baked Oatmeal Squares in Cinnamon Brown Sugar and Peanut Butter! Look out we come!

Quick snag for your bag: These babies are the best ever for tossing into a beach bag, work-out duffle or backpack. Then get outta here and GO!


6. Sweet & Sour Apps

Doesn't get easier than this -- quick rice topped with everyone's fave sweet & sour chicken. But wait! You can do a lot more than just plate it up for dinner.

Awesome appetizer idea: Place cooked rice into tall shot glasses, then top it with the sweet 'n sour chicken. Serve immediately with small forks or chop sticks.


7. Get Your Lemon Fix Fast

Lemon lovers unite! These lower-calorie bars are perfect bites for those who wanna keep their beach bods in balance 'til the very last day of summer.

Quick lemony dessert: Serve a lemon bar with a modest mound of lemon sherbert for a refreshingly sweet and tangy treat.