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The 7 Best Recipes You Didn't Know You Could Make With Coca-Cola™

From wings to brisket, and chicken to pork, adding a splash of Coca-Cola® takes theses meals to the next level.  

Fact: there’s nothing like an ice-cold Coke on a hot summer day (or any day, really). This classic, sweet and iconic soda is also one of our all-time favorite secret ingredients when cooking meat. Weird? Maybe, but it really works to lock in moisture and add flavor. Trust us on this one; you won’t be sorry!

1. Coca-Cola Chicken Wings
Whether it’s the hot sauce, Worcestershire or that ingenious addition of cola, the spicy-sweet sauce coating these wings is downright addictive. Make ‘em for game day or your average Tuesday, just prepare yourself with napkins—you’re gonna need them.


2. 5-Ingredient Spicy Pulled Pork
Major props to our slow cooker for always coming through when we need it. Five ingredients (shoutout, to Coca-Cola!) and ten minutes of prep later, you’re well on our way to a spicy pulled pork recipe that you’re going to want to eat all day, every day.


3. Coca-Cola Brisket
Hey, other briskets: we’re happy for you, and we’re gonna let you finish, but this Coca-Cola brisket is one of the best recipes of all-time. Give the dry rub some time to work its magic, then serve warm with a side of sauce for the mother of all meaty meals.


4. Slow-Cooker Coca-Cola BBQ Chicken
This tender chicken is seasoned with all of the good spices (chili powder, oregano, garlic powder) and cooked nice and slow in a simple cola-BBQ sauce. We recommend washing it down with a side of Coke, because really, why not?


5. 3-Ingredient Shredded Beef Tacos
Yes, you read that correctly, there are only three ingredients in these beef tacos. One of those being a can of Coke, which means this beef is going to be super tender and super flavorful. Cheers!


6. Sweet Heat Coke Can Chicken
If you’ve never experienced Coke-can chicken, you’re missing out on a culinary masterpiece. You literally put a half-full soda can into this chicken for extra juiciness, glaze the outside all up, and cut it into pieces which you serve topped with any remaining glaze. This thing is the real deal.


7. Slow-Cooker Barbecued Ribs
Need a go-to party recipe? Serve these slow-cooker cola-BBQ ribs with a side of slaw and a right-out-the-oven biscuit, and you’ve got yourselves a real impressive meal. Did we mention these ribs taste even better washed down with a beer? They do.

Wait, there’s more! Did you save room for dessert?