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7 Ways to Cook Meat with Coke

7 Ways to Cook with Meat Coke
POP! FIZZ! Add a splash of Coca-Cola to your next summer meal and see how tasty it can be.
By Kimchikari

There’s nothing like a refreshing ice-cold soda on a hot summer day. But you can do more than just drink it! That sweet, effervescent beverage is a fantastic and easy ingredient to cook with that adds tons of flavor, too. 

We’ve hooked up with our friends over at Coca-Cola to bring you this stellar list of 7 savory soda-pop recipes to sweeten up your summer!


1. Coca-Cola Chicken Wings

Chicken wings are the ultimate appetizer or party snack, but let’s be honest; it’s all about the sauce. So say buh-bye to buffalo and ta-ta to teriyaki with this sweet, spicy and delicious Coca-Cola sauce by Tablespoon's primo food blogger, Macheesmo.


2. Grilled Ribs with Cherry Cola Barbecue Sauce

I want my baby back ribs with Cherry Coke barbecue sauce, and after you taste this rib recipe, you will too!


3. Slow Cooker Coca-Cola BBQ Chicken

Rock the slow cooker with chicken covered in Coke-infused barbeque sauce. This knockout concoction is well worth the lazy wait.


4. Coke Zero Braised Beef Tacos 

Didn’t think tacos could get any more magical? How about beef brisket braised for six hours in Coke Zero, then served in a warm tortilla shell, topped with crunchy tortilla strips, and drizzled with smoky chipotle aioli and tangy cilantro vinaigrette? You’re welcome.


5. Beef Brisket

With just a few ingredients, including onion soup mix and a bottle of Coca-Cola, mouthwatering, meaty, juicy beef brisket is the perfect hearty dish to feed a crowd. Don’t forget the bread to sop up all that awesome gravy!


6. Cherry Coke Braised Pork

Pork pairs perfectly with a little somethin’ sweet, and for a unique twist add some Cherry Coke to zing up all those delectable flavors.


7. Coyote's Coke Can Chicken

The next time you fire up the grill, swap out the can of beer for a can of Coke – and you'll have an easy way to get some of the tastiest chicken ever.