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8 Awesome Lemonades for Spring

Spring is the time for refreshing drinks, especially lemonade. MORE+ LESS-
By NY Barfly

There are plenty of ways to spice up the traditional recipe of lemon, sugar and water - whether you’re adding fresh fruits for some color and flavor or a bit of booze for a nice tipsy kick. Check out eight ideas for lemonade recipes below and get practicing, if spring month is coming, that means the sweaty months of summer aren’t going to be far behind.

1. Minty Fresh Arnold Palmer

One of the best springtime recipes is also one of the easiest. You can’t go wrong with an Arnold Palmer, a classic mix of half lemonade and half iced tea. One way to make this drink even better is to mintify it - you can do it glass by glass or muddle up a fistfull of leaves in a pitcher before you make your batch.


2. Raspberry Beer Hard Lemonade

Beer drinkers will like this fruity concoction, which mixes lemonade and raspberry beer for a lightly alcoholic mix that is best served on an outdoor patio. The cocktail can be made in large batches, and you can add muddled raspberries to make your batch seem extra fresh.


3. Strawberry Hard Lemonade Slush

If there’s an unseasonably hot day in spring, this strawberry slushie will help cool you down. The recipe can be made with or without alcohol, so it’s friendly for all crowds (sub in lemon-lime soda or ginger ale for the hard lemonade if you want to skip the tipsy quotient).


4. Cherry Lemonade

The Foodie Bride makes pink lemonade with a twist with the simple addition of cherries. The fruit provides a nice and tart compliment to the sugar and citrus in the mix, and the hit of pink makes for some nice visuals. To add an extra twist, freeze a few pitted cherries and throw them in the glass to help cool the drink down.


5. Ginger Lemonade

This simple recipe adds a nice kick to a glass of lemonade in the form of ginger. WIth this one extra ingredient, you can add a whole new world of tanginess.


6. Fizzy Kiwi Lemonade

Treats & Trinkets finds a treat in this recipe for fizzy kiwi lemonade, which adds a fruity kick with some chopped kiwis and throws in the fizz in the form of seltzer. If you want to do a boozy version of this beverage, reach for a bottle of Prosecco in place of that seltzer.


7. Cucumber Lemonade

Pairing cucumbers with your citrus-spiked glass of lemonade may seem unlikely, but the phrase “cool as a cucumber” didn’t come from nowhere. Blogger Munchie Musings offers an easy recipe that is the definition of light and refreshing. It adds a few slices of the veggie and come juice. Refreshment guaranteed.


8. Pink Lemonade Jelly Shots

For a different presentation, whip up a batch of these refreshing jelly shots. Instead of using dixie cups or ice cube molds, you can make them using a hollowed out lemon so they actually like like pink lemonade wedges. They’ll give you the kick of a cocktail and are adorable conversation starters.

nybarfly knows his drinks and also where to get the best sauce in Manhattan. Check out his blog site, NYBarfly and his Tablespoon profile — be sure to continue to check Rock UR Party for more tips and suggestions for discovering new bevvies.