9 Awesome Father's Day Bar Gadgets, New Labels and Cocktails

By NY Barfly
Created March 6, 2017
What to get the dad who has everything? Something for the home bar is always a good ideaits the gift that keeps on giving since it will let him entertain and create all new memories. MORE+ LESS-

Get your calendars out – because Father’s Day is coming up on June 17.

I know what you’re thinking: what to get the dad who has everything? Something for the home bar is always a good idea–it’s the gift that keeps on giving since it will let him entertain and create all new memories. Read our spirited Father’s Day gift guide below, and be sure to check out a few good cocktails that you can shake up for your father’s day celebration.


If your Dad is a god amongst men (and aren’t they all), get him a bottle of this limited-release scotch named after the Norse god of thunder. The spirit is from the creators of Highland Park, and it’s super smooth and boozy at the same time. It also comes in a cool wooden case that looks like a Viking ship. At around $199 a bottle, you’re pop will surely be impressed, especially when you read our scotch primer and talk all things peat with him over a dram.

Zacapa Rum

Scotch is not everyone’s thing. For a classy alternative, grab your father a bottle of one of the newest sipping rums on the market. They are just as smooth and sophisticated as the stuff from the UK, but they have notes of spice instead of the smoky characteristics of Scotch. Check out Zacapa XO, a high-end label that was aged for 25 years. Notes of dried fruit and oak make this label something to savor.

Woodford Reserve

If you want to stay stateside, you’ve got to go with bourbon. Produced in Kentucky, Woodford Reserve is a solid label that won’t break the bank. It’s great for sipping over an ice cube or two. You can get a bottle for under $50.

Whiskey Stones

If you need to keep that beverage cool, why not throw a few Whiskey Stones in there? These cubes of smooth rock keep your drink cold without watering it down. If you’re going to buy the good stuff, you want to enjoy every last sip.

Ice Ball Molds

Another way to keep the liquor in that glass cool without watering it down is by using a giant sphere of ice. These are popular in high-end cocktail bars, but you can easily make them at home using silicone molds, which you can get for less than $20. This gift may be less expensive, but the effect that it will produce at parties will be priceless.


There’s nothing like an ice-cold draft beer after a long day at work, and if your father liked beer more than spirits, you can ensure that he has one waiting for him every day with the BeerTender. BeerTender is a mini-kegerator that can be set up in your kitchen. This way, he can easily pour himself a brew to have with dinner (or while making dinner–no one is gonna judge).

Father’s Day Cocktail: Sidecar

If you want to impress your old man with a cocktail or two on his special day, you’ll want to reach beyond all the fruit spiked drinks that may be more appropriate for Mother’s Day. Stick with the brown spirits, they’re traditionally more masculine and you can still make plenty of tasty drinks with them. Try a Sidecar, a cognac-based drink that will make your dad as happy as Don Draper on a good day.

Father’s Day Cocktail: Manhattan

Another libation that Don Draper/your pop would love? A classic Manhattan, and better yet this one is super easy to make. Pick out your favorite whiskey, bourbon or scotch and use this recipe. If you are in a pinch and need a last minute option, this cocktail is it, as you can get all the ingredients at pretty much any liquor store.

Father’s Day Cocktail: Michelada

The Michelada is to Father’s Day Brunch what the Mimosa is to Mother’s Day brunch. This cocktail is easy to make, even easier to drink and it goes well with brunch time standards. If your dad is beer man, be sure mix up a batch of these.