9 Creative Ways to Get Snacky with Cheerios™

By TBSP Kari
Created March 6, 2017
9 Creative Ways to Get Snacky with Cheerios™
Here are 9 easy and clever ways to turn Cheerios™ into a satisfying and tasty snack! MORE+ LESS-

Serious about snack time? No room for inferior nibbles?

Then turn Cheerios™ into a tasty treat that will leave you satisfied!

It’s mid-afternoon. You’re starting to feel a bit peckish. Dinner is a looooong ways away. What do you do? Do you grab some chips? A candy bar? Why settle for lesser nibbles when the snack attack hits?

Enter your reliable friend Cheerios™. We all remember eating it (or in some cases, playing with it) as kids and it’s a staple breakfast option as an adult. But it’s not just for breakfast anymore! Here are 9 easy and clever ways to turn Cheerios™ into a satisfying and tasty snack!


1. Blueberry Lemon Cheerios™

Fresh blueberries, lemon zest, yogurt and Cheerios™ mix it up in this light, refreshing snack bowl.


2. Dulce de Leche Cheerios™

These super easy-to-make parfaits are layers of sweet indulgence.                       


3. Cheerios™ and Trix™ Treat Bars

Combine two favorite cereals in one amazing no-bake bar.


4. Crunch Cheerios™ Coated Carrot Cheese Balls

Switch it up and turn Cheerios™ into a savory app! A little cheese, a little veg, and you’ve got a delicious spread that tastes great on crackers.


5. Rainbow Fruity Cheerios™ Bars

Enjoy a rainbow of colors in these fruity cereal bars!


6. Chocolate Cheerios™ Marshmallow Bites

Once you pop one of these mini chocolatey, marshmallowy bites of goodness into your mouth you’ll want to devour the rest. Go ahead, I won’t tell.


7. Mini Doughnut Hot Buttered Cheerios™

The State Fair is still a couple of months away, but you want mini doughnuts right NOW! These hot buttered Cheerios™ are an easy way to take care of that craving.


8. Greek Yogurt Cheerios™ Snack Bites

Cheerios™ are like a blank canvas that, when mixed with an array of items like pecans, dried cranberries, honey, and yogurt, can transform from a simple treat into something truly amazing. So, basically what we’re sayin’ is these snack bites are awesome.


9. Peanut Butter Pretzel Cheerios™

Whoa baby, this bowl of cereal has it all. Bananas, peanut butter, and chocolate-covered pretzels. It’s a sweet and salty snack party!