9 Popover Recipes That Are Worth the Effort

By Burn The Wine
Updated August 1, 2017
Need something hot and tasty and versatile enough to be either sweet or savory? Then you need a popover! MORE+ LESS-

The popover, an American take on the English classic, Yorkshire pudding, is so named because of the fluffy batter’s propensity to “pop over” the top of the muffin tin. Are you ready to harness the power of the popover? Then take a look at these delicious popover recipes!

1. Lemon Dill Popovers

Try this super easy recipe to fulfill your dill-icious desires.

2. Blue Cheese Pecan Popovers

These tempting morsels feature the tangy flavor of blue cheese, fresh chives and crunchy pecans. They’re so good; you’d better make a double batch!

3. Popovers

You literally need only four items to make these magical little mouthfuls happen. Well, that and a smidge of time and discipline so that you don’t eat all those puffy pastries right away.

4. Pepperoni Pesto Popovers

Pillsbury™ refrigerated crescent dough gently cuddles pesto, pepperoni, creamy mozzarella and Parmesan cheese, making for a flavorful and puffy pastry that’s guaranteed to satisfy!

5. Apple Cinnamon Popovers with Brown Sugar Butter

Apple, cinnamon, brown sugar—oh my! These yummy popovers will tackle any cravings courtesy of your sweet tooth.

6. Fireside Popovers with Brie

Well tickle my biscuits! Sugar, salt, creamy Brie and about 30 minutes are basically all you need to make these palate-pleasing nibbles.

7. Garlicky Popovers

Delicious, warm and full of garlicky goodness; these popovers will have folks poppin’ over to try some.

8. Mini Cheddar Popovers

You didn’t even know it was this simple to make something so delicious, did you? Mini bite formation just means that you can have more of them.

9. Cheddar-Bacon Popovers

Cheddar-Bacon Popovers

Cheese, please! (Also bacon. Do not forget the bacon.) No popover pan? No problem—you can make these in a muffin tin.