A Royal Viewing Party

By Jackie Fo
Created March 7, 2017
Although I wasnt around to partake in Princess Di and Prince Charles wedding extravaganza, I plan on taking full advantage of all of Will and Kates royal wedding fanfare. MORE+ LESS-

You can bet your tea and crumpets I will be having a party to celebrate their royal union, even if I’m the only person there. And if goes well, I just might have another when Zara Phillips (granddaughter of the Duke of Edinburgh, don’t you know) gets hitched to her rugby star at the end of July. Heck, whenever they trot out the big ball gowns, I’m there.

Here are a few suggestions for your own party that would entice even the Queen to attend. For those of you on Eastern Standard Time, the party starts at 5:30 a.m. That is, if you want to watch the wedding live. I suggest a delicious English-style breakfast—with a few twists.


  • A traditional “full English breakfast” consists of variations of the following: eggs, bacon, mushrooms, black pudding, fried potatoes and grilled tomatoes. Don’t forget the toast and jam!

  • This is the perfect occasion to try a new scone recipe. What better way to represent the colors of the Union Jack than serving both blueberry and cranberry scones?

  • Any type of cookie will do – as long as you call it a “biscuit.”

  • Pip, pip, cheerio! Why not have a “Cheerio!” Bar? And by Cheerios, yes, I am referring to the cereal. Set up a display of the different Cheerio varieties and have your guests mix with milk, fruits or a spoonful of sugar.

  • If you want to get really majestic, try serving your very own cereal wedding cake.


  • Tea time: It goes without saying that tea is a must-have for the royal viewing.

  • Make yourself a traditional Pimm’s cup cocktail! For a refreshing wake-up call, mix Pimm’s (an oh-so-English sort of liquor) with lemon soda, mint sprigs and slices of cucumber and orange.

  • Or if you're looking for a more fancy sip, try this Royal Blue Cocktail. It's a delicious blend of cranberry juice, vodka and curacao.

  • Or try my personal brunch favorite, a “bloody good time” Mary


  • Really want to get crazy? I thought so. Why not print out and frame your favorite pics of Wills and Kate? Better yet, put a picture of your pretty face instead of Kate’s (preferably wearing a veil), and you could be celebrating your royal wedding!

Prince Will and Kate not your cup of tea? Now that’s just a bunch of bollocks!