Banana Split Dessert Tacos

By TBSP Susan
Created March 3, 2017
Tacos for dinner are fantastic. But tacos for dessert are FUNtastic! MORE+ LESS-

Our friends over at Betty Crocker came up with this dandy of a dessert idea: a banana split served in a crispy, crunchy, crazy taco shell.

Say whaaat?

Yeah, sweet thing -- a taco shell. But not your mama's taco shell. Have you seen these li'l geniuses?

Look, Ma, NO HANDS!

Stand 'N Stuff taco shells, where've ya been all my life?

You can stand 'em up 'N stuff 'em with taco noms for a no brainer dinner. Yes, you can.

Orrrrr ... you can make 'em into these Banana Split Stand 'N Stuff Dessert Tacos:

Hello! Crazy, right? And crazy easy too.

First, just fry up those shells so they're nice and crispy. Trust me -- this is a very good idea.

While those cool down, get out your banana-split basics:

  • 'Naners -- gotta have 'em

  • Ice cream -- of course

  • Chocolate syrup -- certainly

  • Whipped cream -- yes, please

  • Cherry on top -- checkeroo

Now plop all that 'N a Stand 'N Stuff taco shell 'N stuff yer FACE!