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Batch Like a Boss: Slow Cooker Cocktails

Created March 3, 2017
batch cocktails
Make entertaining easy this holiday season with both of these batch cocktails. (Adults only!)

Use your slow-cooker to master this holiday season!

We’ve all been there. You want to host a classy holiday party with some close friends and family. Maybe you have the food figured out, but let’s face it: People expect nice drinks.

Your slow-cooker can save you, my friends!

Whether you want to go full-on Fall with a delicious spiked Ginger Rum Apple Cider or quench the sweet tooth of guests with a rich S’more Hot Chocolate, we have you covered!


Ginger Rum Apple Cider

This isn’t a hard recipe, but it’s really delicious. Start with some good apple cider and then grab these things.


Slice up the ginger and apples and toss them in a slow-cooker with some cinnamon sticks. If you’re in a hurry, you can also heat the mixture in a normal pot over medium heat and then transfer it to a slow-cooker to keep it warm.


I like to keep this version simple and not add the alcohol to it in the slow-cooker. That way if people want a nonalcoholic version, it’s there for them.

Assuming you do want to punch it up a bit, 1 1/2 ounces of spiced rum and a ladle of this cider is a great way to start a holiday party!


S’more Hot Chocolate

Alright folks, get ready for the richest, most decadent hot chocolate you’ve ever had. It’s out of control.

Let’s start with the base of this drink, which is a mixture of milk, two kinds of chocolate, vanilla and sweetened condensed milk.

Just like the cider, put that stuff in a slow-cooker and heat it slowly. As it heats, be sure to whisk it occasionally so the mixture comes together smoothly.

Again, as with the cider, you can heat this stuff in a pot and then transfer it to a slow-cooker if you’re in a rush.

Then it’s time for some toppings!

For each cup of hot chocolate, add a good dollop of whipped cream, some crumbled graham crackers, chopped chocolate, and marshmallows!

For the adult version, hit it with an ounce of chocolate vodka and 1/2 ounce of peppermint schnapps.

It’s the best chocolate thing you’ll drink this holiday season. That’s a promise!

Make your holiday party a success with some great batch cocktails in a slow-cooker!

Nick thinks the slow-cooker is great at drinks! Check out his blog, Macheesmo, and follow him on his Tablespoon profile.