By Betty Crocker Tasteseekers
Created March 16, 2017

Whether you’ve got basketball skills or are just in it for the thrills, March Madness is in full effect.

If you’re looking for the most awesome match up ever, check out this year's Betty Bracket: cooking with beer!

For our ultimate Battle of the Beer Party Foods, we've pitted two groups of classic recipes against each other: the sweet vs. the savory, baked against breaded. It's "Beer Meets Bakery" in a head-to-head match-up with "Beer Meets Bar Food"!

And to help us get the word out, we've asked a very special beer lover, sports commentator and TV personality to help us out: Mario Lopez.

He's already made his Bretty Bracket. (Spoiler alert: His favorite recipe is Beer Queso Nachos! Check out the full interview with Mario here.) So be sure to make yours!

It's easy. To start, take a quick peek at all 16 beer-based recipes in the Betty Bracket. There's something for everyone.

In the savory corner, we've got beer-battered grilled cheese sandwiches, mole chicken chili, whiskey and beer BBQ chicken sliders, and much more.

And representing the sweet side, there are white ale cupcakes, stout chocolate layer cake, black and tan beer pops - even brown ale cheesecake bars!

Take a look at all 16 recipes. Once you're ready (and suitably salivating), visit the Betty Bracket to learn how to play and cast your votes!

While you're there, be sure to go behind the scenes at a local brewery and learn about the beer-infused recipes and food-and-ale pairings that went into this year's list. You can also check out the homemade beers that the Betty Crocker kitchen experts brewed up themselves.

And if you're looking to whip up some snacks just before game time, flip though these sports-inspired recipes and pick out a real champion!