Big League Fun for the World Series

By Couture Parties
Created March 6, 2017
Die hard baseball fan? Here are some décor and treat ideas to help steal your way into your friends hearts if they come over to watch the World Series. MORE+ LESS-

In my house, baseball is not a sport, it's a lifestyle.

My 8-year-old son loves all things baseball. Being from New England, I'm not sure if it's “in the water,” but we have pretty die-hard fans. In the fall, we're always switching between baseball and football to catch all the highlights. For this year's World Series (the end of channel-switching for the year!) I plan on having a “knock it out the park” viewing party.

Here are some décor and treat ideas to help steal your way into your friend’s hearts if they come over to watch the series.


The first thing that comes to mind when you think baseball? Hot dogs! So how about a hot dog and sausage station? Have hot dogs and sausages ready and waiting, then set out all the fixin's to go with it: ketchup, mustard, sauerkraut, chili, melted cheese, bacon…just to name a few. You'll be surprised by what creations your guests come up with.

You can also serve them in more "finger-friendly" ways; Mini Crescent Dogs, Grands!® Corn Dogs and Crescent Dogs on a Stick are great go-to grand slam party snacks.

Beer Tasting

Purchase a variety of different beers--light varieties, ales, and dark ones--and provide small glasses where guests will have a sampling of different beers. Nybarfly has a great Top 5 Fall Beer list if you’re looking for ideas.


Rent a popcorn machine like you see at ballparks--or purchase a small home model (you'd be surprised how much you'll use it if you actually do). You can then serve different flavor toppings to make great popcorn creations: cheddar, truffle oil, caramel, and chocolate drizzle are great varieties.

Or you can go old-school and pop it yourself to make Homemade Cracker Jacks for your fans.


Making cupcakes to resemble baseball caps, or Ballgame cupcakes are a fun treat. Or try some peanut cereal “cake.”


If you really want to get into the swing of things, go to your local hardware store and purchase green indoor-outdoor carpet, which you can cut into placemats or a tablecloth.

For instant centerpieces, fill glass vases with peanuts in their shells and top with real baseballs. Or fill wooden boxes with wheatgrass to resemble a baseball field.

Get a wooden bat, and have guests autograph it to remember the day.

Use baseball gloves to hold glass bowls of chips for display.

Don't be afraid to experiment with your party ideas. After all, you never might just hit a home run!

Die hard baseball fan? How do you plan on watching the series?