Cereal Christmas Garlands

By Sugar and Charm
Created March 7, 2017
If you're looking for a fun (and delicious) holiday activity, grab some Fruity Cheerios, popcorn and Chex Mix! Here are two pretty garland ideas that are great to do with kids! MORE+ LESS-

Creating Christmas decorations is one of my favorite ways to celebrate the holiday, besides eating the treats!

The day after Thanksgiving marks a special day in our home. We head to the Christmas tree farm and pick out the best looking tree we can find. Then we come home and drink hot cocoa, eat cookies and pull out all of the decorations and festive crafts. It’s a night I look forward to every year!

One of my most treasured holiday activities is stringing popcorn and other treats to make beautiful garlands for the tree. I remember as a kid we would do this every so often and it was always a fun activity, and challenge, to try and make the longest popcorn garland! This year, I tried stringing garland with different types of cereal and it turned out beautiful (and yummy according to my husband!). It’s amazing what you can make out of Fruity Cheerios and popcorn!

Fruity Cheerio Garland

Using popcorn and Fruity Cheerios, I picked out all of the red and green Cheerios and placed them in a separate bowl. You can throw the rest back into the box to have for cereal the next morning!

Decide what type of pattern you want to make with your garland. Using a needle (a plastic needle is best for kids) and thread, double thread the needle to give some extra strength to the garland. Tie a triple knot at the end of the thread and string away. Just don’t eat it all before you’re done!

Chex Mix Garland

For this garland, use Chex Mix and dried cranberries. The little holes in the Chex Mix make it easy to string a needle through.

You can choose the pattern you like and then go from there. The steps are the same as above. Don’t forget to have your Christmas music playing and cookies baking!

Cereal Vases

During the holidays I like to fill my empty apothecary jars and vases with ornaments or fake snow, but this year I tried cereal and it looked fabulous! To make these vases, use the left over cereal you have from the garland and layer different colors in a beautiful glass vase. I layered the Chex Mix with whole cranberries, for a brighter color and fuller look. You can also use fresh cranberries when stringing garland. Set the vases on a coffee table or shelf for an easy Christmas decoration!