Chicken Dinner?

By Scaron
Created March 7, 2017

A good friend of mine loves the saying, "Winner, winner, chicken dinner." I have to admit, when I first heard her say it, I was a little befuddled. I might have even rolled my eyes a little bit (Ok, I definitely did!). But after digesting it's corniness a bit I realized that when your dinner centers around a really good chicken recipe ... well, it is a winner.

Take last night. I knew the main component of the dinner I wanted to make: Crunchy Garlic Chicken Ever since I laid eyes on the recipe, I knew I had to try it. It's really easy and the corn flake coating makes the chicken delightfully crunchy. And honestly, although I am not a big fan of cooking chicken with bones, it really does kick some serious butt in the flavor department.

So, anyway, I knew I was making the chicken. But what to go with it? In the course of my normal daily blog viewing, I came upon a recipe for Cream Biscuits, adapted from James Beard.  Deb of Smitten Kitchen made them sound divine and after reading the recipe, I realized that a) it was really easy to cut in half and b) I had all the ingredients. Seriously, what goes better with crunchy chicken drumsticks than biscuits? It was like fate.

Add to that a little roasted broccoli and our chicken dinner was made. Easy peasy, or as my friend would say: Winner, winner, chicken dinner.

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