Craft Beer Flights Party

By Jackie Fo
Created March 8, 2017
Craft Beer Flights Party

It’s no secret that beers have matured.

No longer are beers only earmarked for football watching couch potatoes. Microbrews and craft beers are all the rage! Like a fine wine, beers can range in flavor, color and style. If you and your friends are new to the craft brew scene, host a beer tasting party to learn just how far the beer has come! 

How to:

There’s a wide variety of beer and between lagers and pale ales, picking which ones to taste can be overwhelming. Keep it simple by breaking up the tasting into categories, which can include:


-Beers from different states/regions

-Domestic versus import

-Types of Brews (i.e. Lager, Pale Ale, Stout)

-Light to Dark



Invest in small tasting glasses for your guests and be sure to use labels so everyone knows what they are drinking. Purchasing individual paddles for each guest would be an extra special touch. Provide a simple scorecard so everyone can rate their faves! 


Food is always a party-must, but especially when everyone will be drinking. Keep consistent with the theme and serve beer-flavored food like yummy Beer Cheese Dip and hearty Beer Pulled Pork.

The bottom line is have fun with it and don’t stress out - it’s only beer!