Dear Vodka...

By Baker Peabody
Created March 6, 2017
Dear summer would not be complete without you. MORE+ LESS-

You are easily the best summer beverage mixer around. Your cocktail making abilities are endless. From “Push Pop” Cocktail to Root Beer Barrel Jelly Shots to the classic Dirty Martini, you are a versatile drink. About as versatile as water…heck, your name actually means "little water" in Russian!

Sometimes you are a little too versatile for your own good. I remember the first time I ever laid eyes on you. It was in a concoction that my cousin had made up using limeade and vodka, something similar to a Vodka Gimlet. We sat there on the porch drinking and shooting the breeze, and everything was fine. I remember thinking to myself “is there even alcohol in this thing?” Why yes, yes there was. For when I stood up I fell right back down.  Gravity and I were not friends. But, vodka, you and I were (well minus the times when you make me drunk dial ex-boyfriends but we won’t mention that).

From that point on vodka, I knew you would be my go to drink.  And you are. You are there for me at Happy Hour when it’s well, wine, and draft…I can always fall back on my default of you and diet soda. You are there when I need a pick me up, and you enhance my energy drink oh so nicely. And thanks to you and Sex and the City the Cosmo is the symbol of all things that women drink at a bar while waiting to be hit on.

So thank you, vodka, for being you. I may stray from time to time, but I always come back to you, don’t ever forget that.