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DIY Edible Gifts For Your Host

DIY Edible Gifts For Your Host
Yummy DIY edible gifts for your holiday party host or hostess.
By Burn The Wine

Don't show up empty-handed at the holiday party! Here are 15 yummy gifts your host or hostess will love. 

Friends and family will be gathering soon for Thanksgiving parties and dinner. Maybe you’ve already been invited to some such shenanigans. You don’t want to bring a tired bottle of wine or wedge of cheese as a thank you. You want to zazz it up, give a gift that will really wow ‘em! Or maybe you’re hosting (brave soul!) and you want to gift your guests with some extra take-home noms. Why not make them something unique and awesome? Whip up one (or more) of these tasty treats!

1. Crock Pot Pumpkin Butter 

Let your slow cooker do the lion’s share of the work. Pumpkin puree gets its simmer on with yummy pie spices for a spreadable delight. Heck, you can just eat it off the spoon!

2. Slow Cooker Apple Butter

Know what you can put in a cute little jar and tastes delicious on all the things? Apple butter! With this slow cooker recipe you don’t even have to try super-hard to make an awesome and nutritious gift!

3. Sea Salt Caramels 

Should the apocalypse come and society as we know it crumbles and falls, you are going to need a trade skill. If you know how to make delicious sea salt caramels you are definitely going to be running Bordertown. In the meanwhile, you’ll be able to make a tasty holiday treat for loved ones.

4. Black and White Pretzel Fudge

Sweet and salty go so well together. This easy-peasy fudge not only looks elegant, but is calorically responsible too – so you can totally eat about five million of them. Just make sure to save some for gifting!

5. Aromatic Bitters

Now this is an admittedly adultish gift. It seems a little bit posh, it’s full of delicious spice – and it’ll go great with gin or whiskey!

6. Better Than Sex Chex Mix

Decadent and sinfully delicious, this crazy concoction lives up to its name. Make sure you have enough to go ‘round, you don’t want to leave anyone unsatisfied.


7. Brown Sugar Grahams

Spice is nice and brown sugar is sweet. These graham cookies can be combined with marshmallows and chocolate for a super-fun s’mores-making kit!


8. Pumpkin Pie Muddy Buddies

I would totally be your buddy if you made me some of these. This recipe combines lovely clove, cinnamon and ginger spices with white chocolate and pumpkin puree. Everyone will enjoy the sweet and crunchy bite-sized pie flavor!

9. Chocolate Stout Caramel Corn

Holy Stromboli! Caramel, stout beer and luscious chocolate are ready to intoxicate any palate.  

10. Mini Banana Breads

These are the tiniest, cutest breads and you make them using regular-sized bananas.

11. Caramel Apple Dip

Creamy and smooth, this dip is for all apples, or even apple-shaped things. Best of all, it’s easy and takes next to no time to make!

12. Chai Mix

Sugar and spice make everything nice. Add a little tea and hot water and you’ve got the perfect drink for cooler days.


13. Cranberry Pistachio Bark

This treat actually looks like a physical embodiment of the winter holidays. You’re sure to win the eternal favor of all who receive this as a gift.


14. Cranberry Chutney

This appetizing condiment is made with real apples and tangy cranberries. It’s sure to delight!


15. S’mores Bark

Topped with graham cracker crumbles and teeny little marshmallows, the only fire needed to enjoy these s’mores is the fire in your heart.

And of course, don’t forget the packaging! Present your pumpkin butter, caramel apple dip, or any treat, in cute glass jars. There are about a million ways to upcycle simple glass jars, like these crystal jelly jarsquilted crystal jelly jars, or heritage pint jars.

To add a decorative, personalized, DIY touch, you can stencil cool designs on your labels, go crazy with the glue gun and affix ribbons, lace or any kind of bobble you want, or even grab some acrylic paints to jazz up the lids or outside of the jars by painting a turkey, an autumn leaf, or a stoic pine cone.

Most of all, have fun!