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Easy Pizza Dough

By Girl vs Dough
Created March 6, 2017

I. Love. Pizza.

There are few foods with which I’d make as bold a statement (unless it’s anything with chocolate and peanut butter, as you may well already know). But when it comes to pizza, I am bereft of other words to describe my feelings towards it besides “love” (mostly because my mouth is full of pizza, natch).

However, I’m pretty picky when it comes to pizza. Much as I love a good frozen pizza on those lazy dinner nights, or picking up a pizza on my way home from work (or, better yet, using that fancy service they call “delivery”), there’s nothing quite as good as homemade pizza. And when I say “homemade,” I mean all homemade – including the crust. ESPECIALLY the crust.

Being the impatient baker I am, I like recipes that are quick and simple to make. This Ridiculously Easy Pizza Dough does the trick. You can count all the ingredients on two hands, and the recipe makes two thin crusts, or enough dough for a deep-dish pizza or pizza pie (dough under and on top of the pizza). That makes it a winner in my book.

Given its simplicity and lack of waiting time (and baking time), this recipe is perfect for make-your-own-pizza parties or homemade pizza for game day. I personally like to make a crust with whole-wheat flour, but you can choose to use all white bread flour or your own combination. You can also add herbs or olives (or extra cheese!) to the dough to give it that extra oomph of flavor.

As its description dictates, this recipe really is ridiculously easy, and it’s hard to go wrong when getting creative with it. All you have to do is be patient enough to wait for it to bake.

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