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Eating Gluten Free

Are you or someone you know living gluten free? This recipe list is for you! MORE+ LESS-
By Scaron

A few years ago, I discovered the food blog Gluten-Free Girl. It's written by a woman named Shauna James Ahern who found out in 2005 that she had celiac disease, a digestive disease, and cut all the gluten out of her diet. She describes that as when she came alive after a lifetime of illness.

This wasn't the first that I heard of celiac. A former colleague of my husband's had it. An editor I've worked with has it. Two more former colleagues of mine both discovered last year that they have celiac as well. All of these people are now living without gluten and feeling so much more alive because of it.

Those who live gluten-free avoid foods that contain gluten such as those with wheat, barley or rye. Sound easy? It's not. Those who need to avoid gluten have to be careful of cross contamination of foods ... the smallest amount of gluten can negatively impact how a person who is intolerant to it feels.

This isn't just about bread. Gluten is in so many products ... salad dressings, soy sauce, sausages, and even blue cheese can contain hidden bits of gluten. It makes eating a great big challenge.

Are you or someone you know living gluten free? This recipe list is for you. Hopefully this will take some of the challenge out of the whole thing for you. You should also know that more and more gluten free products are now available in the grocery store, including Betty Crocker's line of gluten free brownies and cake mixes.

Also, if you need more insight, check out the General Mills website Live Gluten Freely.

Gluten Free Main Course Ideas

Gluten Free Desserts

Sarah W. Caron (aka scaron) is a food writer, editor and blogger. Find her online at Sarah's Cucina Bella.