Fish Recipes for Dinner

By Scaron
Created March 7, 2017

When I was a little girl, my grandmother and I would go to this tiny fishmonger's shop in a town on the Long Island Sound. It sat at a strange intersection of two roads, on a rotary just atop a waterfall. While she would decide between salmon and swordfish, I would gaze out the picture window at the rushing water and the old stonework.

Everything in that shop was so fresh, much from just off the shore where we stayed. It smelled of salt water and fish and lobster tanks (yes, lobster tanks have a smell).  Years later, that shop moved to a big, bright, open store across the street. The new place had a bigger parking area but no waterfall. It's now closed.

It seems that even in shoreline towns, fishmongers are a dying breed. I hope that changes soon. In the meantime, we always have the grocery store fish counter, right?

Growing up, I never blinked at the idea of eating seafood. It was another protein to have at dinnertime and one that I thoroughly enjoyed. At some point, I did realize that not all kids love fish ... but no matter, that's their loss.

I am fortunate to have two wonderful kids who both share my love for all things fish and shellfish. And while my husband doesn't eat it and one of my dogs is allergic (don't ask, it's not pretty), we still manage to have it in some form at least once a week.

Our new favorite recipe is one I found here on Tablespoon from Eat Better America. It's oven-baked cod with a lovely sauce of lemon, thyme and olive oil. I mentioned that my kids love fish? Well, they gobbled this up faster than anything ever before. It was a total hit. Really, you should try it.

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