Foods Men Like

By TBSP Erin
Created March 2, 2017

Are you ready for the big game?

With the big game this weekend, I found it only fitting to post this amazing photo - of perhaps the best recipe book ever made.

I had NO IDEA that Betty Crocker even made cookbooks like this.  I was visiting a friend last night and this was proudly hanging out in front of all the other 'not as awesome' cookbooks.  I think my favorite parts are clearly the title - "Foods Men Like" and the awesome 70's sketched artwork.   

Now - I may not be a man, but I certainly enjoy what you might call "man food".  I'm bursting from the seams with excitment about the game on Sunday, and wanted to share what I'll be making for my Super Bowl party.

Cheesehead Chex Mix

jalapeño Popper Cups

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