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Game Day Party Tip Wins

By Guest Blogger
Game Day Party Tip Wins
DIY and entertaining expert Brit Morin of Brit + Co. shares some clever tips for game day entertaining.

Game day party slump? Check out these tips for a guaranteed party win. 

These fun and creative party ideas will have your guests cheering! 


Feeling like your game day parties have fallen into a rut? Tastebuds need a revival from the same old snacks and drinks? Never fear, here are some clever tips for your game day party that'll score major points every time!


Make it your own.

Every game day bash has a unique mix of partygoers. Make your friends feel like their team is getting their props by creating custom pennants. With some felt, a wooden stick and a permanent marker, everyone can tailor a pennant to their own tastes!


Half time entertainment.

Who needs a halftime show when you can create your own? Set up a game day photo booth with fun props like footballs, whistles and construction paper goal posts. Even if the game's not memorable, at least the photos will be!


Game Day games.

If your team's not doing so hot then you might need something to take your mind off of the game for a bit. There's never been a better time to pull out the ever classic game of charades! You can act out your favorite players, teams and touchdown dances. Guaranteed to get plenty of laughs!


Mix up your cocktail offering.

Skip the six packs and offer your guests a ‘beer-tail’ station where they can mix up a classic michelada. 


Start with a pint glass, then rub a lime wedge along the rim of the glass and dip it in equal parts salt and cayenne. Then combine one lager beer (we recommend Tecate™) with 1/2 ounce fresh lime juice, 3 drops Tabasco™ sauce, 1 dash Worcestershire sauce and a pinch of black pepper. This drink's got plenty of kick and will definitely keep the party going. 


DIY Chex ™ nacho bar.

And of course, let's not forget the crucial element of any game day party – the snacks! But don't just toss some chips in a bowl; instead create a Chex™ "nacho" bar. Instead of tortilla chips, use original Chex™ cereal as the base and then let your friends top it with whatever they want. 


Put out little bowls of different ingredients like roasted chickpeas, cheese cubes, salami and fried onions. Then put a microwave at the end so everyone can heat up their creations! 


So get a little crafty and creative for your next game day party and you'll have a win every time!

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