Get Your Vote On

By TBSP Susan
Created March 3, 2017
Get Your Vote On
Three patriotic treats for voting day. MORE+ LESS-

Election day food fun to make you glad you voted.

Voting – it's not hard. But it needs to be done. So take a little time and go do it!

Then after you've signed on the dotted line and checked those boxes, give yourself a pat on the back – and a treat in your mouth – for being a good citizen.

Here are three fun ways to cap off the day:


1. Election Jelly Shots

Bring both sides to the table with these boozy icons.


2. 4th of July Marshmallow Pops

Super easy and a great way to say, "I voted!"


3. Uncle Sam Reveal Cake

For the political overachievers only. You know who you are!


So come on now ... get out and vote!