Golf-Themed Father's Day

By Couture Parties
Created March 3, 2017

This Father’s Day, celebrate Dad’s favorite pastime by having the family over and hosting a golf-theme outdoor BBQ.

Reserve the links for Father’s Day at least a week in advance, and send Dad out that morning to play a round with his buddies or children. Once you’ve got him out of the house for at least three hours, now’s your chance to start prepping for your family party.


Start with artificial plastic turf, which you can get cheaply from home supply stores, to use as tablecloths.

Your floral centerpiece is a golf ball—easier than it sounds! Start with a large quantity of white carnations (go for more than you think you’ll need—but they’re cheap!) and a large ball of floral foam. While the ball is soaking in water, cut the stems off the flowers. Then stick the flowers in evenly all over to cover the whole surface except a small spot on the bottom. Set the ball on a wooden candlestick to resemble a golf tee.

Trays of fresh wheatgrass (available at floral supply stores or often at farmers’ markets) are another great way to create the feel of a golf course. They’re even sturdy enough that you can set platters on top of them.

Label tables with the names of golf courses that your dad likes to play. This is a fun way for him to reminisce about his games on that course.

For conversation starters, create “scorecards” with questions on them about Dad, displayed on each table with mini pencils.

Finally, you can also fill glass jars with plastic golf balls and wooden tees.


Dad’s just played 18 holes of golf, so he’s going to be hungry! Marinating your Chile Lime Chicken beforehand means you can fix it up in a flash when he gets back. To balance out the kick of the spicier chicken, offer a Creamy Ranch Pasta salad. A classic Caesar salad is always a crowd favorite too!

To quench a thirst worked up from playing the sun, the Arnold Palmer (half lemonade, half iced tea) is a classic pick, as the famous golfer gave it its name. If you're looking for a minty twist, try a minty fresh Arnold Palmer recipe. Or, if Dad has already guzzled plenty of those on the links, you could offer a refreshing lemon strawberry punch.

And for dessert, since a BBQ isn’t really a BBQ without hamburgers, how about a Burger cake instead? Though dessert is a great opportunity to cater just to Dad’s taste—you can serve whatever his favorite sweet might be.

Dad Delights

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