Great Kitchen Gadgets for Grads

By Gimme Some Oven
Created March 7, 2017
Whether its in a dorm room, a new apartment, or wherever life leads grads, its always great to have some essentials on hand to encourage cooking. MORE+ LESS-

‘Tis the season for graduation – and graduation gifts!

If you’re looking for great gift ideas for your grad, why not help them start stocking their own kitchen? Whether it’s in a dorm room, a new apartment, or wherever life leads them, it’s always great to have some essentials on hand to encourage cooking.


We came up with four great kitchen gadgets that any grad will love – that won't break your bank. Check them out!


1. Red “The Gripper” Cutting Board

The Basics: This high-density plastic cutting board has a unique underside covered in hundreds of raised rubber grippers that help the board stay put as you safely slice, dice, mince and chop. It’s perfect for meat, fish and poultry since it doesn't absorb odors like wood.

Why Grads Will Love It: This is the perfect cutting board for a dorm room! It’s just the right size – not too big, not to small, but just the right size for tackling a new recipe. The rubber grippers are also super effective and prevent the board from sliding around on any surface. But perhaps most importantly, it is super durable and easy to clean, and it will easily last through the college years and beyond.


2. Guy Fieri Chef’s Knife with Edge Guard

The Basics: The 8-inch Chef's Knife is manufactured with one solid piece of high-carbon German steel and is heat-treated to stay sharp longer.

Why Grads Will Love It: This knife literally does it all! It chops, it dices, it cuts, it slices, and it feels great in your hand along the way. Really, I was surprised at how perfectly this knife fit into my hand. It is lightweight, but very sturdy and well made.

I also loved how easy the edge guard slides on and off – a definite plus for safe storage. And the price point is fantastic for the quality and design of the knife. Every cook needs a good knife, so this is a terrific gift for a grad that is just starting out!


3. Calphalon 3-In-1 Immersion Blender

The Basics: The Calphalon 3 in 1 Immersion Blender lets you create perfect soups and sauces, even in a nonstick pan.

Why Grads Will Love It: Forget buying a full-sized blender, food processor, whisk or measuring cup. This immersion blender is like the smartphone of the cooking world – it does it all!

Seriously, this 3-in-1 immersion blender brilliantly combines the functions of so many kitchen appliances into one small set, which is a bonus in a dorm room with limited space. It will puree soups, blend a smoothie, process some salsa, and even whisk up some homemade whipped cream in seconds. It is also really easy to clean, and I love the sleek stainless steel design. Definitely a fantastic graduation present!


4. OXO Stainless Steel Mixing Bowl Set

The Basics: These bowls have a brushed stainless steel interior that retains temperature for chilling and marinating and a white plastic exterior that shields your hands from extreme temperatures. All sizes nest for compact storage and all are dishwasher safe. 

Why Grads Will Love It: These aren’t just any mixing bowls! They have a few modern features that any cook will totally appreciate. My favorite is the super-amazing non-skid lining on the bottom that holds the bowls in place as you stir. Every cook would love a set of bowls like these – they’re perfect for whatever recipes a grad might whip up, and I’m sure will last for years to come. A definite must for stocking a new kitchen!


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