Hit the Road: EatBetterAmerica Roadtrip!

By TBSP Erin
Created March 8, 2017
All this week our friends at EatBetterAmerica are hitting the road to prove that a healthy road trip diet is totally possible! MORE+ LESS-

EatBetterAmerica is hitting the road all this week to prove that a healthy road trip diet is totally possible!

It's easy to convince yourself that you can't eat well while traveling - but even when you're on the road, you can eat healthy. That's the message of the EatBetterAmerica Roadtrip, which is going on all this week!

Follow our friends over at, Alli and Andy, as they travel through Minneapolis, Chicago, St. Louis and Kansas City. Along the way, they'll be visiting top-notch restaurants, discussing fresh ingredients, posting tips on eating right while on the road, and handing out reusable EatBetterAmerica grocery bags loaded with recipes, coupons and other fun stuff.

They've already made stops in Minneapolis's Mill Valley Kitchen and the Common Roots Cafe, as well as the Windy City's vegan hotspot, Karen's On Green. To follow their journey in the "BetterMobile," check out their Roadtrip Blog (updated daily), and be sure to take a peek at the EatBetterAmerica Facebook and Twitter pages, too!

While you're at it, there's tons of great Roadtrip content already waiting for you:

- If you find it hard to pin down the healthiest items on a menu, use this handy-dandy Decoder to translate even the slipperiest roadside food listings into plain English.

- For great tips on keeping your stomach happy and meals healthy, check out this Healthified Survival Guide: Roadtrip Edition and its companion, the Healthified Survival Guide: Restaurant Edition.

- You can also get some great ideas from EatBetterAmerica's lists of the Top 10 Roadtrip Snacks, the Top 10 Healthy Gas Station Snacks and these delightful Regional Recipe Collections.

So follow Alli, Andy and the BetterMobile as they visit some great road-side restaurants and challenge the idea that you can't eat healthy on a roadtrip.

Have a favorite healthy hot-spot you'd make a road trip for? Do share!