Hot Dog Nation

By Kimchikari
Created March 7, 2017
Summer is just around the corner and you know what that means? Hot dogs! MORE+ LESS-

Boiled, grilled, sliced, mustard, relish, bun, no bun...the hot dog is the ultimate blank canvas and, depending on where you call home, it can feature a myriad of toppings.

Of course, there's the classic Chicago dog, but maybe you're not so familiar with some of the other regional styles. Take a tour of some of the hot dog hot spots and see what other great cities put on their dogs!

(To see recipes, click on photos or underlined titles.)

Los Angeles Koreatown Dogs

Los Angeles is home to Koreatown, an area thriving with the fantastic culinary influences of Korea and, of course, what K-town dog would be complete without kimchi? Crunchy, spicy, and stinky, it’s like coleslaw, but better. Slather on some Korean hot pepper paste and you’ve got a dog with a kick!

Tucson Dogs

Tucson Arizona’s Mexican influence can be found all around this beautiful American Southwest city, so it’s no surprise there’s a touch of Mexico on their hot dogs. Classically known as the Sonoran hot dog, you can try your hand at your own version with this easy recipe. Using a Pillsbury refrigerated French loaf, the hot dog incorporates bacon, chili beans, tomatoes, and yummy Cojita Mexican cheese.

Seattle Dogs

Seattle, the beautiful city in the Pacific Northwest that, while mostly known for their love of coffee and the ‘90s Grunge music scene, is also home to the Seattle Dog. What makes a Seattle Dog so special? Cream cheese! Add some fried onions and you’ve got a unique and delicious meal.

Kansas City Dogs

Kansas City has become renowned for barbecue, particularly the thick, sweet sauce. This Kansas City dog will give you that taste of delicious meaty Kansas City barbecue with barbecue sauce and shredded pork.

Dallas Dogs

Texas boasts big style and big flavors. Grab yourself a Lone Star beer and try a Tex-Mex influenced dog that not only uses fajita style fixins but is wrapped up in a warm tortilla shell!

Anchorage Dogs

Anchorage has plenty of scenery and plenty of wildlife. With that much big game around, why not try an elk bratwurst! Pile it high with hardboiled eggs, horseradish, mustard, and potato salad for a true Northern experience.

Milwaukee Dogs

Milwaukee is a great city of beer and cheese. Nom on these tasty Milwaukee Dogs -- a brat smothered in cheese, course-grain mustard, onions, and sauerkraut. Best while drinking a cold beer and watching the sausage race at a Brewers game.

Miami Dogs

Miami is a vibrant metropolitan area, and one of its most popular sandwiches is the Cuban. So why not combine the Cuban with your next hot dog? All you need is ham, pickles, mustard, cheese, and a grilled bun, and you have a little taste of the Magic City!

Maui Dogs

If you’re lucky enough to visit beautiful, tropical Maui, then you’ve probably had a Maui-style hot dog. Not sure what makes this hot dog so unique? While the sweet pineapple salsa certainly adds a special twist, it’s the unusual way the hot dog is placed inside the bun!

Atlanta Dogs

Atlanta boasts that sassy southern style, and if your hot dog isn’t smothered in tangy coleslaw, then you’re missing out on the delicious flavors of Hotlanta!

Twin Cities Dog

Why does Minnesota have the Twin Cities? It’s because there’s too much awesome for just one town. Minneapolis and St. Paul may be separated by a river, but they’re best buds in this delicious Twin Cities dog.