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How to Cover a Cake with Sprinkles

Created March 7, 2017
How to Cover a Cake with Sprinkles
This easy tutorial will show you how to cover a cake with sprinkles.

Just in case cakes weren't awesome enough, we’ve gone and made them even sweeter, covering the whole dang thing with rainbow sprinkles!

This looked pretty delicious in its raw cake form, but boy, covered in sprinkles, it's like a work of art! Finished off with a bow, I almost didn't want to eat it!


Now you might be thinking to yourself, "That cake looks so great, but it's probably way too hard for me to make that". Well, I have good news for you! It's not! Especially with this handy dandy instructional video:


Start by mixing together the ingredients. You can keep it simple (and delicious) by using Betty Crocker Super Moist Cake Mix. I’d recommend using a firmer cake mix (rather than a soft mix like angel food) since you’ll want a cake that stays intact when rolling it in the sprinkles. Naturally, I used the Betty Crocker Super Moist Rainbow Chip mix, because cake can always use more rainbow! This cake has four layers so you’ll need two boxes of mix, as well as two containers of icing. (Betty Crocker obviously!)

Bake according to the package directions to make four layers. Once they're done baking, set aside the cake with the nicest top (this will be your top layer). You'll need to make sure the rest of the layers are flat and all the same shape. Using a large serrated knife, slowly cut along the tops of the other cakes until you've created an even surface. This will allow you to stack each layer without it being off-balance.

To begin stacking your cake, place the bottom layer on a cardboard cake circle that is smaller than the actual cake. You'll be using the cardboard to help hold and roll the cake in the sprinkles. If you don't have cake circles just take a piece of cardboard, trace around your cake, and cut your own circle. It works like a charm!

Spread a layer of icing between each layer of cake, stacking the layers on top of each other. Now place the layer you set aside earlier on top. Once you have four stacked layers, you can even out the edges by taking your knife and cutting around the cake until it’s a smooth cylinder.

Once your cake is an even masterpiece, spread your icing on the side of the cake, but DON'T ICE THE TOP! You'll need to place your hand on the top to roll! Now that your cake sides have been iced, here comes the fun part!

On a flat surface, like a cookie sheet, spread out about a cup of sprinkles in a wide enough area to cover the height of your cake…now get ready to roll! Holding the cake by the top and bottom with your hands, turn it sideways and roll through the sprinkles until it is completely covered. Congrats, the hard part is over!

Set the cake upright and ice the top. Place a pile of sprinkles in the center. Using a cake knife or something similarly shaped, spread the sprinkles around until the entire top is covered. Touch up the edges, by holding the side of your knife against the cake and placing sprinkles in the areas that need to be covered.

There you have it, a beautiful rainbow sprinkle cake. Now celebrate your success and treat yourself to a piece!