How to Cut A Spiral Ham in 6 Easy Steps

Created March 8, 2017

No matter what the holiday, there is something magical about the smell of a ham baking in the kitchen!

There is a lot of talk on the internet these days on how to cut a ham, so this is a short "how to" on carving a spiral ham.

  1. Let the ham rest on the cutting board after roasting it.

  2. Place the ham so the cut side is facing up.

  3. Guide your carving knife along the muscle lines, or the fat around the bone.

  4. The top and bottom pieces will fall away from the bone, but the smallest section will remain attached to the bone until you cut it away.

  5. Cut these three sections into equal slices. If your ham comes pre sliced, you won't need this step.

  6. Plate up your spiral ham, and serve to a hungry family!

If you don't eat all of your spiral cut ham, we have plenty of easy ham recipes to deal with the leftovers!