How to Make Chic Centerpieces with Food

By TBSP Susan
Created March 9, 2017
Are you planning a summer dinner party and want your get-together to be the one that everyone remembers? MORE+ LESS-

The key to a memorable event is creating an elegant, chic atmosphere -- and an easy way to do that is with creative, edible centerpieces.

DIY is so hot right now, and your guests will absolutely love being able to snack on your creations -- but there are so many options, you may have trouble choosing which one you want to make!

Fruits of your labor

This is perhaps an obvious choice, because we all know how pretty fruit arrangements can be – not to mention fragrant, attention-grabbing and, yah, delish too. But instead of just placing a bowl of oranges and grapes in the center of a table, get a little more creative.

For example, make a variety of Fruit Kabobs with Tropical Fruit Coulis and stick them into a melon or half a pineapple. If you don't like the idea of being stuck with holey fruit half afterwards, you could just use the rind, or you may try arranging the kabobs in a brick of decorated floral foam.

You could also add fruits to your flower arrangements. Bright green grapes look luscious when paired with blood-red roses, and artichokes (ok, technically a vegetable) are gorgeous next to white lilies. Just bolster your fruits (or veggies!) with wooden skewers so they stand up in a vase.

Tiny cakes make a big impact

With cupcake-themed centerpieces, it could be tricky to keep your guests from devouring dessert first, so plan wisely if sweets are your chosen decor. In fact, you could just skip a main dish altogether – naughty, yes, but we won't tell anyone. Dessert buffets are super easy and a crowd pleaser, so try having everyone over just for dessert!

Everyone loves a cupcake, so everyone will love a cupcake centerpiece. Consider making a variety of these tiny sweets – for instance, a mix of Pistachio Cupcakes, Key Lime Cheesecake Cupcakes and Espresso Cupcakes – for a multi-colored display that will please everyone's tastes.

You can arrange the little guys on a glass tiered stand like these, or on cake plates of various heights -- or get even more creative and place them in martini glasses, on candle holders or in tiny pots to make them look like little flowers.

Savory apps can be pretty, too

Fruit and desserts tend to get all the glory when we think of edible decor, but veggies, nuts, cheese and even meats can be aesthetically pleasing, too.

Got an array of colorful veggies at your disposal? Get the most out of their flavor and beauty by serving them up raw. Trim and wash your goodies, then arrange them in a clean flower or garden box – it can be wood, metal or wicker – to make them look like a mini farmer's market display.

For something a little more substantial, you could cut your veggies and spread them across this Ham and Veggie Crescent Wreath, which has the added bonus of being lovely yet very easy to make.

If you happen to have a few wooden chopping blocks or cutting boards that are fit to display, you could go the rustic route and feature charcuterie platters as your centerpiece. Take a bowl with a wide base and flip it upside down before placing your board on top. Then arrange a variety of cheese, artisan meats, olives, pickles, jams, chutneys, honey, crackers – oh, we could go on – in an appealing display, and you've got a fully edible, totally chic centerpiece.

Party on!