How to Make Chocolate-Covered Strawberries

By TBSP Susan
Created March 9, 2017
Indulge in chocolate-covered strawberries for an easy and romantic treat. MORE+ LESS-

It's tough to beat that perfect combination of sweet fruit and creamy chocolate. Best of all, once you have the right products, that combination is simple to make. Dip the fruit in the creamy chocolate and you're done!

Read on to learn how to make chocolate-covered strawberries look just as good as they taste.

It's All About the Ingredients

When you only have two ingredients to work with, make sure they are the best. Look for large, juicy strawberries, and don't use any that are blemished. You should also ignore those that don't have a nice, even form or aren't ripe. OK, so this isn't a fashion show for strawberries, but only good looking strawberries make good looking chocolate-covered strawberries!

Working with those that still have their leaves attached is also a plus. Not do they add color to the plate, but leaves also make it less messy when you're dipping and eating the strawberries.

The chocolate you use is also important. Use milk, white or dark chocolate, but make sure you opt for higher quality. Dark chocolate contains a minimum of 70% cocoa solids and is considered decadent — but you can let your taste buds decide which chocolate variety to choose.

Let's Get Melting!

Melting chocolate is easy but may take practice to get the timing right. You have two options: put a small bowl over a pan of boiling water, placing the solid chocolate in the bowl to melt, or use the microwave. Both contain potential pitfalls.

When using a pan, make sure the water touches the bottom of the bowl -- but be careful that no water gets into the chocolate or it can become grainy and ugly. With microwaving, give it a stir every now and then to see how it's doing. Just because the blocks are still intact doesn't mean they are still hard, so make sure you stir often. With either method, remove the chocolate from the heat source just before all the chocolate has completely melted -- then stir for a minute so the heat from the already melted chocolate melts the rest without over-cooking the entire thing.

Time for a Dip

Rinse fresh strawberries in clear, cool water, then pat dry on paper towels. They need to be dry for the chocolate coating to stick. Now, we're ready to take a dip.

For this recipe, melt a bowl of dark chocolate and a bowl of white.

Insert a skewer into the leafy end of the strawberry, then hold it at an angle (for the techies among us, about 45º), and dip itinto the white chocolate so the strawberry is half covered. Remove and place onto some waxed paper, chocolate-side up, to dry. Continue with all other strawberries. With the chocolate now dry, dip the strawberries again — this time rotating the skewer to dip the other side of the strawberry into the dark chocolate. Place on the waxed paper again, this time with the wet dark chocolate side up.

The end result is spectacular -- two-toned chocolate treats that look gourmet and taste divine. Of course, if you'd prefer (or if this is your first venture into dipped strawberries), you can dip them whole into one chocolate coating or the other instead of half and half.

Dress it Up

Making chocolate-covered strawberries look even more gorgeous is amazingly easy. Simply add stripes of chocolate over the top -- white on dark, or dark on white. Dip a fork into the melted chocolate and drizzle it that way, or add the chocolate to a zippered plastic bag and cut a very small hole in one corner to squeeze thin lines out "pastry bag style."

To really spice up a romantic evening, try adding a hint of chili powder to your chocolate. The chili powder kicks it all up a notch and adds a touch of the unexpected!

More Recipes for Chocolate-Dipped Strawberries

Here are a few easy dipped strawberry recipes for you to try. You can dip strawberries in luscious white chocolate, semi-sweet chocolate, or even frosting and candy sprinkles! Another idea is to first dip strawberries into soft cream cheese before you coat them in chocolate. Extra yum!

Or here's a easy strawberry recipe that's super elegant: strawberries filled with whipped cream and drizzled with chocolate sauce. And don't forget about chocolate fondue  -- the easiest way of all to dip strawberries and enjoy them on the spot. Chocolate fondue is equally delish with other fruits, pound cake or pretzels, too.

Search Tablespoon for many more chocolate strawberry dessert recipes!

So tell us: Have you ever made or eaten chocolate-dipped strawberries? What do you think of them?