How to Make Chocolate Pie

By TBSP Angela
Created March 9, 2017
There are many different kinds of chocolate pie and ways to make them to make every chocolate-lover and pie-lover happy. Learn how to make a chocolate pie for your every craving! MORE+ LESS-

Learn how to make a different chocolate pie for your every craving.

There are virtually as many different kinds of chocolate pie, and ways to make them, as there are chocolate-lovers and pie-lovers to enjoy them. It's mostly all a matter of choosing your crust, filling and add-ins.


Chocolate pies can easily be made in a standard pie crust, but when you're working with a flavor as deep and rich and textured as chocolate, you can get away with a lot of variations on the standard pastry dough pie crust. Graham cracker crusts, gingersnap crusts and crumb crusts go particularly well for chocolate pies.


Decide whether you want to use dark, white or milk chocolate for your pie, as each one lends a slight (but significant) variation to the flavor of the pie. The source of the chocolate can be melted semisweet chocolate chips, unsweetened or bittersweet chocolate bars, or cocoa powder. How much sugar you add will vary depending on the existing sweetness of your chocolate source. One of the most timeless of chocolate pie fillings is chocolate pudding, which, as you probably know, you can prepare 1-2-3 with a premade mix. You can also make pie from chocolate fudge, chocolate mousse or chocolate cream.

Where chocolate cake is crumby in texture, chocolate pie is usually smooth and silky. That's because chocolate pie filling is lacking the one ingredient that gives chocolate cake its texture: flour. Otherwise typical ingredients in a chocolate pie filling are virtually the same as for chocolate cake: milk or cream, butter, eggs and sugar. Often a little vanilla extract is also added. Many chocolate pie recipes will only call for egg yolks, requiring you to separate the whites first and discard them (or use them for a meringue topping!) so read this part of the recipe's ingredients list carefully.

German chocolate pie is traditionally made with German chocolate (go figure!), though cocoa powder will do, and it usually contains evaporated, or condensed, milk, coconut and pecans.


One of the ways to give character to a chocolate pie is to make it a "compound pie", adding in another ingredient to complement the flavor. Popular examples include mint chocolate pie, chocolate pecan pie, chocolate peanut butter pie, chocolate banana cream pie, chocolate marshmallow pie, chocolate raspberry pie, and even chocolate cheesecake (which some may argue is actually more of a pie than a true cake). Add coffee extract for a chocolate mocha pie. Add maple syrup for a chocolate maple pie. The possibilities are as endless as your imagination.

Chocolate pies can be served with nuts, confectioner's sugar and cocoa powder, chocolate chips or shavings, or shredded coconut sprinkled on top. They are often served with whipped cream on top.

Making the Pie? It's as Easy as Cake!

For most chocolate pies you bake the crust first (or use a prebaked, store-bought crust) and pour in the filling, then stick it into the fridge to cool. Always remember, though, that if you're using eggs or egg yolks in your filling, it too must be cooked before pouring.

Chocolate Pie Recipes

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