How to Make Coffee Art

By Sugar and Charm
Created March 9, 2017
How to Make Coffee Art
Making fancy designs in the foam on a latte takes a barista. Or does it? Learn how to make designs on lattes the easy way! MORE+ LESS-

To serve impressive-looking coffee, you could spend a couple of years as a barista learning to make designs in the foam. Or, you could do it the easy way.

I love when I order a delicious cappuccino or latte from a coffee shop and they serve it with a beautiful heart or cool design in the foam. It always brings a smile to my face. (It's the small things in life...)

I decided to do a little spin on latte art and create colorful patterns on top of yummy whipped cream. It's a fun and easy way to dress your coffee to impress your guests!

You can customize the design to fit any party theme using stencils with a pattern, letter or number and of course – any color.

Before we start, a spoiler warning: These are cheater's coffees! Nothing absolute here, so please don't write that it isn't authentic. We know, we know. Latte, cappuccino, or just a crazy mash-up of coffee and milk – this is just for fun and to add sparkle to your entertaining!

Here we go... Start by brewing your coffee.


Heat milk on the stove, but don't let it boil. Get it as close to "steamed" as you can.


Choose fun stencils that will fit on the top of your coffee.


Gather colorful sprinkles, colored sugars, or cocoa powder to create your designs.


Pour the hot brewed coffee into a mug.


Add the steamed milk to taste.


Add a thick layer of whipped cream and smooth it with a knife. This is our cheater's version of foam! (Got a frother? Go for it, that works too!)


Take a stencil that you like and lightly place it on the whipped cream. Using Betty Crocker sprinkles, cocoa powder or a light dusting of cinnamon, sprinkle it over the stencil.

Gently remove the stencil and voila -- you've got a deer!


Or a fall leaf!


Now this is a cup of coffee anyone can love!

Get creative and get brewing!