How to Make Lollipops

By TBSP Angela
Created March 9, 2017
At your next get-together, try making your own homemade lollipops for your guests - they'll be super impressed by your candy-making skills. MORE+ LESS-

Why buy packaged suckers when you can make your own?

Sweet treats are always a hit, especially in the summertime. At your next get-together, think about setting out your own homemade lollipops for your guests - they'll be super impressed by your candy-making skills.

Bonus: You can even have a lollipop party where your guests get to create their own favorite candy-on-a-stick.

What you'll need

Before you go boiling sugar and making a mess, make sure you have all the necessary equipment. Key items include a large, sturdy pot, a candy thermometer, lollipop molds and sticks. You'll also want to gather your ingredients: 1 cup of sugar, 1/2 cup of light corn syrup, 1/4 cup of water, flavoring, food coloring and non-stick spray.

Scratching your head wondering where you'll get lollipop molds and those little paper sticks? Fear not, there are tons of websites - like this one - where you can get all the supplies for your candy-crafting needs.

How to do it

Begin by prepping your molds - whether you chose to make unicorn-pops or plain ol' spheres - with non-stick spray. Next, combine the sugar, corn syrup and water in a pot until it boils. If the mixture starts to climb up the sides of the pot, just push it back down with a wet pastry brush.

Once your candy mixture reaches a boil, stick a candy thermometer in the pot and keep your eye on it until it reaches 295 degrees. Once it hits this temperature, remove the pot from the heat and wait for it to stop bubbling before you add your flavorings - about a teaspoon or a half-teaspoon depending on how strong you want it - and your colorings.

Now, just carefully spoon the goo into your molds, insert a stick in them and let the pops cool completely before removing them from the molds and placing in a cellophane bag.

What else can you do with your pops?

These suckers can be used in some creative ways, like atop this most-excellent Rainbow Lollipop Cake. You could also swap store-bought pops for your homemade treats in this Blow Pop Martini Cocktail recipe.