How to Make Strawberry Salad

By TBSP Angela
Created March 9, 2017
Want something different for your next salad but youve run out of ideas? There are any numbers of ways to use the ever-popular strawberry to spruce up any dish. MORE+ LESS-

Use fresh strawberries for a cool twist to the traditional salad.

Love strawberries? Love salads? Want something different for your next salad but you’ve run out of ideas? There are any numbers of ways to use the ever-popular strawberry to spruce up any dish. With these tips, we'll focus on some of the ways you can use strawberries to turn your run of the mill salad into something fresh, light and unique.

Before we dive into the types of salads you can make with strawberries, you’ve got to know how to pick ‘em. Keep in mind that strawberries are seasonal foods that are best grown and eaten in warm summer months. You can usually find strawberries in most grocery stores any time during the year, but realize that strawberries grown in the winter months aren’t going to be as good as those grown in the summer.

When you go to purchase strawberries, pick up the package and start by looking at the top layer of strawberries. If they aren’t a nice bright red, you may want to move on to something that is a bit fresher looking. Keep looking until you find a batch that looks good on the top of the container, flip it over and look at the bottom layer of strawberries. They, too, should be nice and red, and not be visibly damaged from the strawberries on top of them. Also keep a close eye out for mold. Strawberries that are past their prime mold pretty quickly. If you think you’ve found the perfect container of berries, open the lid and touch a few. Make sure they're nice and firm.

Of course, the best option for getting strawberries is to go to a farmer’s market or a pick-your-own farm. Not only will you get great tasting berries, it’s a fun activity to do with others—especially kids!

Once you have your strawberries, you’ve got to figure out what to do with them. Here are just a few ideas along with some other great recipes on Tablespoon.

  • Creamy Poppy Seed Strawberry Salad – This salad offers a sweet and tangy homemade dressing with fresh strawberries, poppy seeds and spinach.

  • Strawberry Fruit Salad – There are tons of different ways to make fruit salads from just using cut-up fresh fruit to combining fruit with a creamy sauce. The sour cream honey fruit salad recipe is just one example that you definitely should try.

  • Strawberry Salad Dressing – Another option is to make your own vinaigrette out of strawberries. Here is a great recipe for a fruity green salad with strawberry vinaigrette that is both easy to make and delicious to eat.

What are your favorite ways to use strawberries in a salad?