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How to Stop Drinking Pop

By TBSP Susan
Created March 13, 2017
It's easier to break your soft drink addiction when you know how to counter the cravings.

How to Kick the Soda Pop Habit

How much soda pop do you drink in a day? If you're already trying to kick the habit, you know how hard that can be. But, there are a few things you can do to make giving up sweet sodas a whole lot easier.

Use a List

Make a list of the motives driving you to give up pop. Write down every reason you've got. Display your list in a prominent place such as your refrigerator door or just above your computer monitor so that every time you consider reaching for a soft drink you will be reminded about why you want to stop.

Make a Plan

Create a plan for how you will stop drinking pop. Some people prefer to quit "cold turkey," while others would rather taper off. Whether you want to kick the habit all at once or little by little, removing all soft drinks from your home will help.

If you are limiting yourself to a certain number of beverages per day, dwindling down to none over time, bring home just enough for the next day's allotment. Better yet, leave them all at the store. Forcing yourself to trek to the corner market every time you want a soda will be a helpful deterrent in your quest for a pop-free lifestyle.

Wait! There are better options ... see below!

Use Healthier Substitutes

While you are cutting back or entirely eliminating soda pop from your diet, give yourself other options. Flavored soda water is a good choice, as it provides the flavor and carbonated fizz you find refreshing without the sugar, calories or caffeine of pop. Herbal teas are another healthy choice. Limit your intake of juice, as although it does offer nutrition not found in pop, it is also a source of sugar and calories.

If you decide that you really need some caffeine, brew a cup of black or green tea. These beverages provide caffeine in addition to offering health benefits without the calories and sugar found in soda pop.

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Drink More Water

Strive to get in your 8 glasses of water each day. Doing so will keep you hydrated, so you won't feel thirsty and reach for a soda. Force yourself to drink at least half of your daily intake before allowing yourself a soda pop, if you are weaning yourself slowly. Add slices of citrus fruit or cucumber for added flavor without sugar or chemicals.

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Don't Beat Yourself Up

Finally, be gentle on yourself as you work to overcome your soda pop habit. Understand that feeling tired, sluggish and even irritable is completely normal as your body is likely dependent on the caffeine in pop. Go to bed a little earlier than usual and take naps whenever possible to counteract any fatigue you experience. Take walks, write in a journal and talk with friends to get past grouchiness or mood swings. These feelings will pass and before you know it, you will have successfully stopped drinking pop.


Have you managed to kick the pop habit? If so, how did you do it?