How to Take French Fries to the Next Level

By TBSP Angela
Created March 13, 2017
Think of French fries as a blank canvas a fried, crispy, delicious canvas. MORE+ LESS-

Fries are amazing and the subject of cravings the world over – there's no doubt about that. But considering their simplistic nature (hello, fried potatoes!) it can be easy to grow a tad weary of the popular side dish.

Luckily, there are almost endless ways in which you can take your French fries to the next level. Begin with your favorite kind of fry – or just the type you've got lying around – and consider the following tips to make them out-of-this-world tasty.

It's all in the seasoning

The most obvious place to look for extra flavor is in your spice cupboard. But think beyond a sprinkling of dried parsley and let your mind wander to various places around the globe.

Cajun seasoning will take your tastebuds on a journey to the bayou. Just sprinkle it on your fries and perhaps add some extra cayenne pepper to make it even spicier, and throw your taters back in the oven for a few minutes to bring out the flavor of the seasoning.

Curry powder and cumin is another great flavor combo, as is Old Bay seasoning and garlic salt. Don't be afraid to go crazy here, and if you're not sure how something will taste, just sprinkle a little on a single fry and give it a try.

Don't be afraid to dip

Sure, everyone likes ketchup with their fries, but why restrict yourself when you have so many other options?

You can do like they do in France and dip your fries in mayonnaise flavored with a dash of malt vinegar. Or, plain ol' mayo can be given a boost with a bit of mustard, sriracha, soy sauce or even just regular hot sauce.

Ranch dip is super simple to make: Just whisk together sour cream and ranch seasoning and there you have it. Bonus: This is yummy on pretty much anything.

Going gourmet

Get fancy with your fries by sprinkling them with a touch of truffle oil, parmesan cheese, chives and chopped garlic. You'll find that this dish leaves little to be desired.

They love their poutine in Canada, and for good reason – it's sinfully good. Top your fries with an easy gravy (you can even use the packet stuff) and cheese curds before baking for 10 minutes at 300 degrees. Good, eh?

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Party fries are the best kind

At your next get-together, use all of these tips to set up a French fry bar where your guests can make their own creations. Just make some basic fries, provide paper cones to catch the grease and set out an array of spices, dips and toppings, then just let everyone go crazy.