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How to Throw a Totally On Point Birthday Bash

By Guest Blogger
Created March 13, 2017
How to Throw a Totally On Point Birthday Bash
Fun tips and tricks to DIY the ultimate colorful birthday party.

Tips and tricks for the most colorful birthday party ever!


Throw a party your whole squad will love.  

No matter how old you are, birthdays are definitely special and a perfect reason to show your fave friend just how much you love 'em! And what better way to celebrate the day they graced the world with their awesome presence than with an extra special party? Check out these fun and easy tips to DIY the perfect birthday bash. 


Color Block Everything

First, every super soiree needs a theme. But maybe you're a little too old for clowns and ponies? Instead, throw a gorgeous color-block themed party. Simply pick a few complementary colors and get crazy with color!


Carry the color theme down to every detail. From plates and napkins to balloons and centerpieces, it will bring the whole party together without too much stress!


Any color combination works, try blue and green, turquoise, fuchsia and orange or black, white and metallic, or whatever colors are the guest of honor's favorites. 


Pixel Pattern Photo Booth

Turning one year older is a great excuse to snap some memories. Use what you have around the house to create a pixelated photo booth. Construction paper, pillow cases, tablecloths and throws can be layered together to create the background, and gather items like funny hats, sunglasses, costumes and make signs to use as props. Because you're never too old to act a little goofy. 


Throwback Karaoke

Have fun belting out the tunes that were popular the decade the birthday gal or guy was born in. Create a playlist of top hits from their fave genre and go for DIY karaoke! 


Colorful Cocktails

Mix up a customized cocktail or non-boozy fruit drink in the same colors as the party palette. Then it's time to get punny! Have fun with the drink names by playing off the color scheme, the birthday partier's name or fave hobbies, or if you're really brave – their age.


Birthday Buffet

Build a buffet bar fit for the birthday King or Queen, full of their favorite snacks. Again, make use of the color scheme to really make your food table pop!


For a super fast but tasty treat, try this Birthday Cake Celebration Chex Mix™. Stir together Chex™ cereal, frosting, popcorn and sprinkles and enjoy a sweet, crunchy snack that takes only 15 minutes to make.


And that's it! With just a few quick tricks you can throw an epic party that will make it the happiest birthday ever. 


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