Jello Shot Recipes

Created March 21, 2017
Layered jelly shots in shot glasses

These recipes go way beyond the basic "add gelatin to booze" variety to explore the far reaches of the cocktail universe.

Sparkle Magic Jello Shots

What's pink, purple, blue, sparkle-y all over and full of rum? You guessed it! Happy Birthday!

Winter Margarita Jello Shot

A refreshing, seasonal take on the classic margarita.

French Martini Jello Shots

A fresh, festive interpretation of the French Martini cocktail, made with pineapple juice, raspberry vodka and Chambord (a raspberry liqueur).

Cosmopolitan Jello Shots

A gelatin riff on the classic Cosmopolitan Cocktail! 

Mimosa Jello Shots

Your favorite brunch cocktail in a nosh-able skewered bite!

Blow Pop Martini Jello Shots

Your childhood favorite lolly transformed into an adult jello shot treat! 

Cranberry Ginger Smash Jello Shots

A lively, sweet-tart jello shot featuring cranberries, fresh ginger, and ginger vodka - perfect for holiday entertaining!

Candy Cane Martini Jello Shots

A festive vodka-based jello shot featuring peppermint schnapps and white chocolate liqueur in a creamy base.

Valentine Jelly Pops

A fun gelatin treat for kid's valentine's parties, made with flavored gelatin, yogurt, and sweetened condensed milk.

Winter Berry Punch

A punch-style jelly shot, flavored with berries and elderflower liqueur.

Rainbow Cherry Jigglers

A juice-based, kid friendly gelatin treat featuring rainbow-hued maraschino cherries . . . (or prepare a spiked version for adult festivities)

Lucky-tini Jello Shot

Ring in St. Patrick's Day with a Lucky-tini Jello Shot. They're magically delicious!

Butterbeer Jello Shots

Ply your pre-Potter movie party guests with a Butterbeer jello shot! 24 jelly shots

Espresso Martini Jello Shots

Make these jello shots like you like your java - black or with cream and sugar. Either way, a caffeinated (or not, your call!) bite of jello shot goodness!

Bramble Jello Shots

Try this versatile (and kinda fancy) recipe concocted by none other than Toby Cecchini of the NYT!