Leftover Halloween Candy Cocktail Rimmers

By TBSP Angela
Created March 13, 2017
Leftover Halloween candy got you down? Never fear, happy hour is here! Halloween candy can be a delicious rimmer for some of your favorite cocktails. MORE+ LESS-

Now that Halloween has come and gone...what is one to do with all that leftover candy? Never fear, happy hour is here!

If you have bowls and bowls of leftover candy staring you in the face, don't throw it away! They can make delicious garnishes for some of your favorite cocktails. Here's a few that I paired with a Pumpkin Martini recipe whipped up by our very own Tablespoon blogger, macheesmo.

To start, I needed something to make the candy stick to the rim and also go with the spicy kick of the pumpkin martini. What better choice than marshmallow creme?

Now to say this is a breeze to work with, would be a little bit of a stretch. It's sticky. It's gooey. But if you carefully roll your martini glass in it and use a spatula to tame down the gooey peaks, you're in business. Do not put the whole glass in it top down, this will only coat the inside of the glass and you'll end up having to arm wrestle that sucker off the plate.

The rest of your cocktail creation is a snap. Simply put four or five pieces of the same candy into a sandwich bag, seal it and pound it with a hammer or meat tenderizer until they're broken up into a semi-fine crumble. Spread into a circle on a plate and roll your glass in it, applying just enough pressure to make it stick to the marshmallow creme.

Or you can get a little fancier and melt some to rim the glass in place of the marshmallow creme. I tried this with Spiced Pumpkin Hershey Kisses rolled in crushed up graham crackers, and it was pure liquid-pumpkin-pie-in-a-glass heaven!

Don't be afraid to experiment! After all, with all that leftover candy, what have you got to lose?

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