Mimosa Drinks & Treats for Mom

Created January 26, 2017
Mimosa drinks, jelly shots, cupcakes, fudge and even pancakes for Mom's Day. MORE+ LESS-

Moms are awesome. Mimosas are awesome.

Moms and mimosas together? Well, that’s just a great way to cheers to the woman who put you on this planet. We all know you’re her favorite anyway.

Check our seven ways to mimosa it up on Mother’s Day.

1. Blood Orange Mimosa


Blood orange ice cubes keep the champagne chilled and slowly turn it a fruity red in this tres chic mimosa from Domestic Fits.


2. Strawberry Mimosa Cupcakes

Maybe cocktails aren't your thing, but cupcakes... I mean, cupcakes are everyone's thing. These ones in particular by Oh My Veggies bring a little strawberry, a little orange and some champagne sparkle.


3. Mimosa Fudge

According to Mom's Test Kitchen, this treat tastes like a "creamsicle with booze." An edible fudgy creamsicle with BOOZE, guys!


4. Mimosa Jelly Shots

Did your mom take you to your first bar, help pick out Spring Break destinations and hang out just like one of the girls? This is probably the mimosa for her.


5. Pineapple Flowers and Mimosas

DIY your way to a totz adorable brunch drink with these pineapple flowers. Mimosas are cute, but mimosas decorated with homemade cuteness are awesome.


6. Mini Mimosa Pancake Stacks

What’s brunch without pancakes? Lame. Make mom these super cute little mimosa inspired pancake stacks for Mother’s Day.


7. Peachy Mimosas

Half Bellini and half mimosa, these peachy cocktails will happily go down the ol’ hatch. Put on your best brunch face and get to it!


Let's raise our glasses to mimosas and most of all, moms!