Mom Kebabs

By Jackie Fo
Created March 13, 2017
These kebabs are so cute and creative that theyll prove you went the extra mile for your mom on Mother's Day. You can make theme fruity or sweet...and fast! MORE+ LESS-

Mother's Day is the perfect time to show your mom how much you really care.

After all, you only owe her your life. Literally. So how do you thank her for packing your lunch for all those years, driving you all around town, and that whole giving you life thing? Mom kebabs, perhaps?

These kebabs are so cute and creative that they’ll prove you went the extra mile for yo mama, but they’re so fast and easy you’ll be able to spend more time with her and less time in the kitchen!

Fruit Kebabs

Fruit Kebabs have been done and done, but how about taking a note out of this Super Fun-Shaped Party Food article and making your kebabs pop by cutting out cute shapes your mom will love!

Using a cookie cutter in the shape of your choice (I chose a heart, because I heart my mom.), cut out shapes in the sides of watermelon and cantaloupe, or any fruit you like! They’re adorable and won’t pack on the pounds—your mom will be thrilled! Try these with one of Yoplait’s yogurt fruit dips!

Sweet Kebabs

If your mom has a sweet tooth, she will be sweet on these dessert kebabs!

Using Pillsbury’s brilliantly delicious Cocoa Fudge Escape Sweet Moments, pair them with marshmallows for a seriously yummy and decadent treat! The Sweet Moments are like little brownie bites of heaven that you don’t have to bake—YUM!

Make your kebabs that much cuter by using these free Mom printables! They’ll add major pizzazz to your kebabs!

So go ahead, wow mom with some super easy and deliciously yummy Mom Kebabs! It’s the least you can do, right!?