Mother's Day Dessert Cups

By Sandi Arata
Created March 13, 2017
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The day to celebrate Mom is fast approaching, and if you’re planning a special meal for her, I have an idea for your most important course—dessert!

Serve up a yummy treat in a handmade, edible dessert cup. And, for a sweet twist on the traditional Mother’s Day bouquet, use edible flowers as an extra special topper.

You’ll love how easy this is! Plus, edible cups are like two desserts in one—and double dessert is definitely not a bad thing!

Make Your Cups

To make the cups, you only need two supplies: balloons and candy melts (any color will work—just match your table décor!).

Melt the candies in a deep dish. I use the microwave, cooking for 30 seconds at a time and stirring frequently. I also like to add one small spoonful of Crisco to the melts to make them smoother.

Blow up small balloons to form the shape for each bowl. (I used water balloons.) Then dip each balloon into the melted candy.

Set them on a wax paper-lined cookie sheet to dry. When the candy has hardened, dip one more time. (You can stick the dipped balloons into the refrigerator to harden faster if you like.)

When the candy solidifies again, just pop the balloon with a pin and carefully remove it from the candy bowl. That’s it!

Fill ‘Em Up!

Now, let’s talk about how to fill the dessert cups.

My mom loves ice cream, so we kept it simple and filled them with a few scoops of cherry vanilla. But your options are endless.

Choose a filler to suit your mom’s tastes:

Top Them with Flowers!

Sprinkle a few edible flowers on top of each dessert cup for extra pizzazz—but remember to be safe! It’s a good idea to speak with your florist and ask specifically for edible varieties to use. Even a normally edible variety of flower may not be safe for consumption, or even for decoration on food, if it wasn’t grown for that purpose!

A bloom on the dessert and one on the plate makes a beautiful display for your celebratory meal.

Happy Mother’s Day!