Mushroom Risotto, and How to Make a Perfect Risotto

By Scaron
Created March 13, 2017

If there is one truism for my house, it's that we all love rice. Absolutely love it. And among rice dishes, risotto is an absolute favorite for my kids and I (depending on what it's made with, for my husband too). So, it goes without saying that we eat risotto pretty often.

I love playing around with flavors for the risotto. Artichoke and herbs is one of our favorites. But until this past weekend, we'd never tried mushroom risotto. Boy, were we missing out. I love how the mushrooms add a nice earthiness to the risotto. It's rich, and almost meaty. And best of all, it's something that my vegetarian friends can enjoy too -just trade chicken broth for a vegetable or mushroom one.

Looking for a good recipe? I love the sound of this Three Mushroom Risotto.

Scared to make risotto? I assure you that with a little practice it really can be a breeze.

5 Tips For a Perfect Risotto

  1. Have everything chopped, measured and ready to go when you start to make it. It will keep the process from feeling frantic as you cook.

  2. Heat your broth/stock. You don't want it boiling hot, but it should be steaming when you start to add it to the rice.

  3. Have extra broth/stock on hand. Sometimes, it doesn't take a perfect four cups, so have some on standby just in case.

  4. Remove it from the heat when the rice is tender and most (but not all!) of the liquid is absorbed. This will help you get a risotto that is creamy, but not gooey.

  5. Be patient. Risotto takes time to cook, and you really need to add the broth little by little. But it's totally worth the wait.

 scaron, Sarah W. Caron is a writer, editor and food blogger. You can find her online at Sarah's Cucina Bella