New from New Zealand

By J Morton
Created March 13, 2017
New Zealand's isolation and its population's plucky spirit have combined to make for a place with some interesting new ideas in food! MORE+ LESS-

Three New Zealand Food Trends Worth Importing

New Zealand is a fairly small country, home to 4.3 million people. However, the country's isolation and the population's plucky spirit have combined to make for a place with some interesting new ideas in food! Here are a few of my favorites, taken from a trip to New Zealand this January.

The Flat White – Calling for an importation of the Flat White is less about the coffee drink in question (a latte-like beverage that's unvaryingly smooth, mellow, yet rich in coffee flavor) and more about the coffee culture of New Zealand as a country.

Not only can you seemingly not get a bad cup of coffee, independent coffee shops are everywhere. There are dozens upon dozens in major cities like Auckland and Wellington, and if you pull off to the side of the highway, the little roadside cafe will ALSO serve a respectable espresso-based menu of coffee delights. Nothing's acrid or over-roasted, or so weak that you struggle to taste the beans – the happy medium is the rule.

Eggs Benedict Served on a Savory Crepe -- Eggs Benedict are usually served on a chewy English muffin or some other sort of substantial bread, so that the bread can stand up to the onslaught of egg yolk and Hollandaise sauce. At Voila, in the Auckland suburbs, you can get your Eggs Benedict served on a buckwheat crepe filled with ham, cheese and spinach.

The crepe is tender (so each bite is easy to saw off and chew), the savory flavors within are a perfect complement for the eggs, and the whole package is just freakin' delicious. It's time for America to start importing this "eggs on crepe" technology.

Motobites -- Among the strangest dishes of the trip, from a fast food chain called Burger Fuel: tater tot-shaped fried things made from a blend of ginger, pumpkin, and cashews.

Light, flavorful, and absolutely tasty, particularly when dipped in the lemon aioli sauce that came on the side. It's a crazy new direction for fast food, but it's the right direction.