Pairings for Pairs: Great Date Night Dinners

By Sugar and Charm
Created March 23, 2017
Are you sick of the typical dinner and a movie date? Try something different and add a little spice to your next date night by picking a theme! MORE+ LESS-

Are you sick of the typical dinner and a movie date?

Try something different and add a little spice to your next date night by picking a theme! Below are some easy recipes and tips that you can use when trying to win over that special someone.

Sweets For the Sweet

What to serve for dinner: For dinner serve something delectable, something that you will have to share and work together to eat, like cheese fondue. You can add things like bread, gourmet sausage or steamed broccoli to dip into the cheese. It’s an easy and sweet meal for you to share with your date. Just make sure you don’t fight over the last piece!

What to drink: Prepare a delicious, cold Strawberry Shortcake Martini for your date and have it ready when they arrive... Yum!

What to serve for dessert: Nothing is sweeter than ice cream! It conjures up memories of a nostalgic childhood, where we romanticized about these types of dates. Ice cream is light, refreshing and is sure to make a delightful impact on your special someone. Try  Champagne Ice Cream with Strawberry sauce, it will go perfectly with the cocktail you’re serving up!

What to listen to: Put on some sweet tunes that will melt your date’s heart. Songs like Sugar Pie, Honey Bunch or Sugar Sugar by The Archies. If you want something a little more contemporary, try Suga Suga by Baby Bash.


Spicy (Feelin’ hot, hot, hot?)

What to serve for dinner: When preparing a “spicy meal” you don’t want anything too over-the-top that will make your date’s eyes water. No one wants to gaze into watery eyes! Just a little kick is all that’s needed to spice it up. Try something like spicy confetti noodles, a baked spicy chicken or maybe some sweet and spicy stir-fry.

What to drink: Since you want to keep the theme consistent, this Kiwi-Jalapeno Cocktail will do the trick.

What to serve for dessert: Whip up somespicy pumpkin cookies or spicy pumpkin bars to serve. There’s  nothing better than pumpkin spice, especially around the holidays!

What to listen to: Try some spicy songs by artists like Marvin Gaye or Mary J. Blige to set the mood.


Scary = Cuddle Opps!

I know it seems odd to have a scary theme date, but if you think about... it’s the perfect way to cuddle up on the couch watching a thrilling movie on a cold winter night!

What to serve for dinner: Make a batch of hearty beef chili, which is the perfect choice for a “chilly” night.

What to drink: Try one of these two cocktails that will have a punch of danger to them. The Vesper Cocktail or a Blood-Red Sangria Cocktail.

What to serve for dessert: For dessert bake a delectable and ooey-gooey, molten chocolate cake. An excellent finish to a night of scary movies and cuddling. 

What to watch: Pop in an old classic, scary movie by Alfred Hitchcock. You want to find a movie that is scary, but won’t actually completely freak your date out. The old-school thriller seems to have just the right amount of scary.


Have a great date night idea? I would love to hear it!