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Pasta Heaven

Easy pasta recipe with sausage
By Girl Who Ate Everything

In junior high my French teacher, who was originally from France, had our whole class over to dinner at his house so that we could taste authentic French cuisine.  He fixed an array of fancy cheeses, escargot, an escarole pasta dish, and of course, crepes for dessert. The whole dinner left my stomach a little unsettled.  Starting off with the escargot was a big mistake. From that point on I was pretty much nauseated, but in true Christy style I kept eating. It may have been due to the escargot or, in retrospect, the entirely inappropriate comments our teacher kept making.

Therefore my first experience with escarole was not a positive one since I associated getting sick with it. So when my old roommate sent me her Sausage and Escarole Pasta recipe,  I initially put it in the “Pass” pile. BUT… in order to be my friend you have to be a food lover and oh did we know how to eat! The more I thought about it the more I knew she wouldn’t steer me astray.

And she didn’t.

It had so much flavor and was so easy to make I knew it would become part of our regular rotation. My five year old even cried because he wanted a second helping and my husband had already eaten the rest of it. Yeah…it was that good. I was a little leery of putting lettuce in a pasta dish but it wilts down and my kids didn’t even know it was there. Score! Kids 0 – Parents 1.

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