Piña Colada + Popsicle = OMG!

By Baker Peabody
Created March 17, 2017
Turn down the heat! Your fave tropical drink, la piña colada, turned into a Popsicle. MORE+ LESS-

It figures that I would be moving on the hottest weekend on record.

While I hired movers for the big stuff, I suckered…I mean convinced, friends to come help move the smaller stuff. The heat was overwhelming and my friends were wilting. Baking would have been a poor choice but bringing out the blender is always the right move!

With just a few simple ingredients, we had ourselves refreshingPiña Colada Popsicles. Be warned! These are not kid-friendly pops! After all, I had to put my moving helpers in a better mood!

I only had on hand what I had brought with me from the old place. Being a pastry person, butter and heavy cream are always in the fridge. And being a drinker, (aka lush), I always have pineapple juice in individual cans for cocktail making. Then there’s sweetened coconut…which I always seem to have in the back of my pantry, so it made it into my moving box. And then there is rum. I found whipped cream flavored rum and decided to give it a try. After tasting the final product, I think it was the way to go.

It’s as simple as dumping all the ingredients into a blender and giving it a spin.

Pour into your popsicle maker or mold. If you are using a popsicle maker, use the directions for your machine. If you are using a mold, your pops will need to freeze overnight. I happen to have a maker that preps popsicles in 12 minutes, which comes in handy for quick treats. Next time you are on the move or just trying to escape the heat, be sure to give these a try!

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