Rainbow Birthday Blowout

Created March 17, 2017
Rainbow Birthday Blowout
It's Tablespoon's 6th birthday, so we pulled out all the stops… with COLOR. MORE+ LESS-

It’s our party and we’ll dye if we want to!

6 years ago, Tablespoon hit the World Wide Web—and we’ve been serving up inspired eats ever since.

Early in our existence, we realized there was one thing everybody wanted more of… something we loved so much, we were practically over the moon about…

Beautiful, colorful, happy rainbow recipes!

From Rainbow Jelly Shots to an eye-popping Rainbow Tie-Dye Surprise Cake, we’ve dished up some seriously colorful confections. Every year, we use our birthday as an excuse to share one or two more really rainbow-y recipes with you.

But this year? Ahhhh. This year, we turn 6. If we were a human, we’d be graduating kindergarten. We’d be toting treats to a classroom of other little ones. We’d be inviting cul-de-sac kids over to a bouncy house and kicking it. You know what we mean.

Upon realizing just how whoppingly fantastic it is to be 6, we decided to make ourselves the most epic rainbow-inspired Tablespoon birthday of all time!

6 years. 6 original recipes. One party table so blown-out with rainbow, you might wanna lick the computer screen 6 separate times. Scroll down, see what we’ve got, then grab the recipes and celebrate with us at home.

6 is BIG! 6 is EXCITING! Let’s party.


1. Rainbow Party Chex Mix

Boom! You already love Chex™ Mix, and now we’re dishing up a version so vibrant, it’ll have you hunting for gold hidden somewhere in the bottom of the bowl.

Okay, yeah, we hear what you’re thinking: So it’s colorful and cute, but how does it taste? In the words of one crunch-muncher, “Whoa! This is so good, I wanna eat it for lunch!”

We fully recommend it.


2. Rainbow Dessert Parfaits

Looking for a something a little… zestier? We’ve gotcha covered! These pretty parfaits are layered with Fiber One™ Lemon Bars and filled with rainbow-flavored yogurt whip.

Pow! This is one parfait everyone will love. Light, lemony, and as pretty as a unicorn in a field of lollipop plants. It’s a thing. Don’t even doubt it.


3. Rainbow Marshmallow-Stuffed Donut Holes

Remember that day when you were craving donut holes? Oh, wait… that’s every day? Well, all of your donut-y dreams have come true. Because we’ve gone and made bake-your-own, marshmallow-stuffed donut holes that cook into gooey goodness-filled perfection.

If that sounds like too many hyphenated-adjective-descriptors, well, just melt into the recipe and see if you can find a single word that describes their over-the-top-awesomeness.


4. Rainbow Berry Vodka Flight

No sweet would be complete without a fleet of flavored vodka to wash it all down. So we’re serving up rainbow test-tube shot glasses filled chock full with every flavor of vodka under the, well… rainbow.

Raspberry, lemon, key lime, and more. If you’ve been looking for an excuse to walk out of the liquor store with 6 bottles of girl drinks, now’s your chance.


5. Rainbow Shot Cupcakes

And then we were all… what is the ONLY thing that could make a cupcake better? The obvious answer, of course, is washing it down with cake-flavored vodka.


6. Rainbow Cake

Our party piece de resistance: The most glorious Rainbow Cake y’all ever did lay your teeth into. A 5-layer white cake (with a bright blue center) and giant piped polka-dots painted on with a pastry bag.

Real buttercream takes the cake here—more than 6 splendid bars of butter, in fact. And it’s worth every one. Because, seriously: Who needs bikini season, anyway?

Grab a fork, people. This party spread wouldn’t be the same without you.


Happy, Happy Birthday to Us. Happy, Happy Rainbow to You.

We’re so glad you’ve helped make Tablespoon such a merry little corner on the internet! U So Rock.


Brooke blogs at Cheeky Kitchen, where she shares crazy simple, healthy family recipes. She joined Tablespoon to share some of her best, so keep an eye on Brooke's Tablespoon profile to see what she cooks up next!